June 24, 2008


Imagine my surprise when a small local furniture store actually called me yesterday, just like they said they would, and told me our rocking chairs arrived (just like they promised they would)! My faith in the little man’s ability to efficiently conduct commerce is restored. We'll be rocking this weekend.

We ordered three chairs similar to this one for our Little Porch of Horrors:
We’re kind of liking the way our little $20 teak folding chairs from the Christmas Tree Shops look on our porch right now (and my little bamboo table from the Ocean Grove Flea!) so hopefully they’ll pair well. I was shocked to even be in a Christmas Tree Shop, much less find perfect little folding chairs to seat guests (in- and outdoors). But I tell you what, don’t mock it ‘til you try it (like I did). Amongst endless rows of enough tchotchke and knick-knack to make your head blow off your shoulders are useful items at deeply discounted prices. I just hopped on their web site and noticed 72” bamboo torches for $1.99 and bamboo and seagrass roman shades for $16.99 (in 26”, 30” and 36” widths). I also noticed rocking chairs for $59.99 that are very similar to the ones we bought (for more than $59.99) but I’m trying not to think about that. Wait – it says they’re “indoor only.” There. I feel better.


j.cro said...

Do they have one of those Christmas Tree shops in our area? Good lord I might have to go check it out.

Laura @ Shorehouse Chic. said...

Apparently in Freehold. Joy to the world!