June 25, 2008

Come home to momma...

So here's how the conversation went (roughly):

L: I saw a dresser with a mirror that's on the small side but I think it could work in our bedroom.

M: Will it fit at least some stuff, or is it those tiny "olden days" drawers?

L: No, manly-clothing-size drawers but only two of them, with two small drawers up top. Here's the picture.

M: Does that price tag say $125?

L: Yup.

M: And it has a mirror? That's, like, not broken?

L: Yup.

M: And you left it there? (Note: There was a slight tinge of disbelief in his voice at this point...I really don't leave anything behind that even resembles a good deal. And this more than resembles. It is a good deal. I was just trying to keep him involved in the process.)

I left a message at Country-by-the-Sea Tea Room in Avon-by-the-Sea (another quaint New Jersey beach town. Doesn't Avon-by-the-Sea just sound lovely?) and they called back to say the dresser will be sitting by the front door waiting for me Friday. I wish they had a web site. It's a little antique store/gift shop/tea room Co-Op that's run by all the women who sell their wares there. The fabulous little tea room is a totally fun ladies-who-lunch spot, with all sorts of yummy treats (and if you like the chair you're sitting in, you can probably buy it out from under you). I'll take pictures on Friday (better than the blurry one above. Yikes!)...It's post worthy.


j.cro said...

That was nice of you to include M. in the process and I also can't believe you left the dresser behind.

I've only ever walked by that Tea Shop, next time I'll actually have to go in.

Someday when I have another weekday off. Someday.

Laura @ Shorehouse Chic. said...

Every once in a while I throw him a bone. ;-)

Tea Shop -- like xmas tree shop -- can be a little, um, "overwhelming" to the senses. But there are lovely diamonds if you're willing to dig. (And the tea shop is fabulously adorable.)

j.cro said...

I see a field trip in our future.

Mrs. Limestone said...

What a great find!

A tea shop that sells antiques? Im not positive but I might have bought my vintage typewriter from them? I don't remember what town it was in but I found it at a more southerly jersey shore town at a tea shop that had antiques in the front & on the porch.

Laura @ Shorehouse Chic. said...

Oooo....no porch at Country-by-the-sea, so now I want to know where you went, Mrs. L!

diana @ please sir said...

What a great find! Thanks for your insight on the Rules of Blogging. I agree and think if you want to say something mean, then just save it for yourself. A critique is different, but plain out mean is not cool. I love Google reader too!

Laura @ Shorehouse Chic. said...

Check out Please Sir's post about Blog Etiquette here.

Diana -- I was looking at a house tour today on AT, and someone posted this about a lovely woman's Paris apt tour:

"Evidence that not all Paris apartments are chic. Nice use of color, but the space is disjointed and dizzying. Also, the wine crate thing? Nice idea, but not very well executed."

Can you IMAGINE leaving that post about someone's HOME that they (presumably) are proud of and worked so hard on?? I wanted to leap through my computer screen and shake him/her.

Marie Louise said...

It looks like a lovely bureau. It's always great to have personal "finds" throughout the house. There is always a memory or story associated with each one.

Laura said...

OK, when is the field day there? Need to get together now that I know we have the same "roots" ;-P

Laura B. said...

Sorry, meant to write LAURA B on that on!

Laura @ Shorehouse Chic. said...

marie louise, thanks for stopping by, and OH my: I love your blog! Anything cottage is oh-so-good in my book and your blog is so lovely! Immediately filed in Google reader.

No "B" necessary, other-blogging-laura-from-NJ. I know who you are. ;-) I've been finding all sorts of happy places in my (newish) neck of the woods! Come to la plage!