June 02, 2008

Flea Finds

I started my big flea market day on Saturday by hitting yard sales near my house (there was no time for dilly dallying so I stuck to the sales close by). I totally struck out with one exception...a woman on my block was having a J. Crew sample sale on her porch. Go figure! I know this doesn't count towards home improvement (I was supposed to be looking for a dresser for our bedroom), but I happily sifted through the clothing piles. Unfortunately most of the stuff was very small. And I am not. But I did get this cute (new) little "lady like" tee shirt for $3.

OK...now on to the flea. This oil painting was the first thing I bought, and I almost took a pass. It's 16" x 20" and I was waffling on the $15 the vendor said was her best price (I think the bad weather made some vendors pretty inflexible -- I think they were determined to make money somehow. I overheard quite a few failed attempts at bargaining.). But then I snapped out of it. It's a bit beat up but in a totally good way (or so I'm trying to convince M.), and when I got it back to the house I decided I loved it.

I think this next piece is hysterical: A "Pray Without Ceasing" chromolithograph by Colton Zahm & Roberts (New York, c. 1875). Ocean Grove is a former (and current, really) Methodist campground so the town's roots are deeply steeped in the traditions of the church. And, back in the day, they did pray without ceasing. I think this sign (warning?) will be right at home here.

From the same vendor, I bought this old apple print (the bug-eaten leaves are my favorite part. I'm all about keeping it real.) in a fabulous gilt frame. We left some wallpaper in our pantry area (from previous homeowners) that this will look nice against. This and "Pray Without Ceasing" were $40 for the pair.

This little rustic bamboo and wood table was a budget-busting $36 (high flea market dollars for me!). But it's super lightweight, which I like for moving around as needed. I plan on perching my margarita glass on it on the front porch.

I just can't pass up a potter. But I only buy what I can use (bowls are big for me -- you can never have enough chip and dip receptacles for guests). It's not a
raku piece, but its dark purple glaze really reminded me of one. The bowl is a decent size, too -- about 7" across -- and I was happy to pay the artist $13 for it. Perfect for guacamole to go with my aforementioned margarita!

All in all, as I look at this stuff I think at a hair over $100 ($107 to be exact) I did OK. I didn't find a dresser for our bedroom, though. And my clothes won't fit in the bowl. So the hunt will continue.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, YOU are a bowl lover too! Yay! Good finds, by the way. I can't wait to go flea-marketing. :)

Laura @ Shorehouse Chic. said...

Thanks for stopping by laundry! I love, LOVE little pottery bowls. They're an inexpensive purchase, they're useful, and you're supporting an artisan which is great karma. Unlike the bad karma of the post above yours. ;-)

Courtney said...

what great finds Laura! I'm living vicariously through you right now. :-)