June 05, 2008

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Don't these "gals" bring a smile to your face? They're made by a friend of ours I first mentioned in a post last month and she's decided to start selling them which I'm very excited about! Since we are apparently going to forgo spring altogether here at the Jersey Shore and go right to summer, I figured I'd get psyched up by looking at someone (or something, I suppose) in a bathing suit other than myself. It's supposed to reach over 90 this weekend with humidity in the mix (great), so I think I'll be headed for the beach for the first time of the season. Since it was, like, 50 degrees not a week ago.

I've been a busy, busy bee at work but finally took some "house progress" photos this past week, so I'll be posting over the next couple of days for sure. I'll give you an update on the great table debacle (it has a happy ending), I'll show you why said table is in the living room instead of our dining room (hmmm...what could we have done with that room? Stay tuned!), and I'll let you know about the new URL for my blog but not until I've had the time to properly address a kind of terse comment posted here (a little curt for a genteel business owner who sells seashells by the seashore, n'est pas?).

Enjoy the weather...while you can still breathe outside!


Mrs. Limestone said...

That seashell salesman sounds really obnoxious. You are hardly claiming to represent his business.

I'd suggest looking into his claim about having rights to the name exclusively. Im fairly certain there were business established well before 2003 that have the words "shore chic" in them.

In any event, try to stay cool this weekend. Its definitely going to be beach weather.

Laura @ Shorehouse Chic. said...

Thanks, Mrs. Limestone. Crazy, right?!? I mean...really. I guess I should be honored that my little online diary about my house and the stuff I buy at flea markets is such a threat.

Have a wonderful weekend!