May 31, 2008

"Fleaing"...from the rain!

Mom and I managed our ways through the mighty Ocean Grove flea market before the skies opened up midday. And yowsers, did they open up! (Of course, the sun is now shining at 6:30 p.m. That figures.) I didn't find any super bargains at the market or the yard sales around town (Has inflation taken its toll on "fleaing"? Or are people delusional over what their stuff is worth? Yup; I think that's it.) but I managed to make a couple of happy purchases.

I'll post my finds later, but I wanted to share some of our day (unfortunately, the gloomy weather made for not-so-bright-and-cheery photos).

I see this vendor around a lot, and her piles of old kitchen stuff always crack me up. If you placed every item splayed across her tables tip to tip, I think the product line would stretch for 10 miles.

Loved these colorful lobster floats, and two for $25 didn't seem terrible (I've seen them around here for a lot more).

"Super primitive" is how I'd describe this piece! But the children's Hoosier-like cupboard was awfully sweet.

Happy painted signs -- all on pieces of random salvaged material.

Such a great little vignette of stuff, and if you look in the upper right corner of the photo...

...WOW. I'm not sure what you'd do with this, but as my mom pointed out it would make for one heck of a ring holder.

I love old suitcases, and these dandies were super cute. Not sure if you've seen the end tables Anthropologie made from vintage cases (I couldn't find a picture online), but with some inexpensive hardware (think wood spindles or salvaged table legs simply screwed in to 2 x 4 mounts underneath the case) you could save yourself, like, $300!

Lastly, this charming vendor has a store called Candy's Cottage in nearby Asbury Park. that the wire display I coveted when I saw it on Please Sir's blog? Pretty much! Unbelievable...I'm suddenly finding all kinds of postcard displays.


Courtney said...

Oh Laura, we just don't have these kinds of flea markets here in Oregon! At least, not that I've found yet...(can you see me pouting?) Anyway, thanks for your comment at NI and I've entered you in my giveaway!

j.cro said...

I expressly didn't go to the flea market b/c I couldn't tell when it was going to rain and I didn't want to get drenched. I'm definitely going when they have this thing again at the end of the summer. I'm bummed I missed out.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Oh, Im bummed I missed this flea market. We went there last year but went home empty handed. Oh well, there is always next year.

Laura @ Shore Chic. said...

Thanks Courtney!! And we must find you a flea...We must!

j. cro -- You can come visit my swag.

mrs. limestone -- there's another in September in OG. Oh happy day. :-) thanks for stopping by!

Hooked on Houses said...

That "ring holder" made me laugh out loud. That's too wild! -Julia

Laura @ Shorehouse Chic. said...

hooked on houses...I'm so glad I took a picture of that. It still makes me laugh. And...I just love your blog! I heart "stalking" real estate (in fact, I stalked my way into our happy shore house :-).

Laura B. said...

OK, you MUST give me a shout out the next time there is one of these (or any one worthwhile visiting).