May 11, 2011

Tiptoe through my tulips.

Look at how my little garden grows!

Tulips and daffodils are new to the garden, thanks to a generous gift of bulbs from a former colleague (thanks, Pat!). I wasn't sure how they would do, especially given
those little pesky squirrels who seem to enjoy my garden even more than I do. But I'm quite happy with the colorful results.

My other spring blooms made their appearance as the tulips started to fade.

Even the pansies I planted in the fall (that spent most of the winter buried under some 71" of snow) are blooming.

One of my neighbors says I have magical soil. Maybe I do.

Speaking of tiptoeing through the tulips, I've started to play ukulele. Not a typo. I bought myself a uke for my birthday a couple of months ago and a lovely young man (dude?) is attempting to teach me to play. Tonight's my second to last lesson. Maybe I'll make my performance debut on the blog.

But not just yet. My ukulele playing isn't nearly as magical as my soil.


Joyce said...

Your garden has grown!! How fun to be learning something new. Yes I think you need to put a video of you playing on your blog. xo

Beach House Living said...

Uke lessons how cool is that!

Our pansies popped up too really little one more like violas so cute.

Maureen said...

Go, you! My grandmother played. Can't wait to see your debut!

heidi said...

And for some reason, I need to see this ukelele.

Purple Flowers said...

Your flower gardens are beautiful! I am just beginning to see in our garden, that when one type of flower fades out, something else begins to bloom. I am so pleased, although I can't take credit for it. As you say, it's the magic!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Thanks ladies! And to the other comments that disappeared during Blogger Breakdown 2011. I finally get back to this blog thing and that's how Blogger thanks me. ;-)

Joyce said...

Oh my dear friend you have "magic" fingers!! Your flowers are beautiful! xo

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Loving the tulips, especially since we can't grow them in our gardens....the wild life seem to think they are dessert on the buffet table. I also wanted to tell you that we will be having our yard sale on Saturday as will the rest of this town and you can come by Friday if you like for the preview party.

Local Girl said...

My tulips are long gone so it's lovely to see yours thriving. You have a beautiful garden x

Local Girl said...

My tulips are long gone so it's lovely to see yours thriving. You have a beautiful garden x

Jean Martha said...

Mary, Mary you have been quite contrary.

Looks fantastic!

Unknown said...

Hi Laura,
Your flowers are beautiful!
You've inspired me to re do my pots! :)

Anonymous said...


Well, we do live in the "Garden State"! Your spring blooms are beautiful. I had a rabbit dig a burrow under a day lily (in my garden) and feast on all 50+ tulips. I didn't see a single tulip bloom this spring. So much rain our property will soon be a jungle, complete with killer green heads.

I want to see the you playing the uke.

Your Friend,

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Your garden looks absolutely beautiful, Laura!

Why do i think that your playing the ukelele is not such a stange thing? I can't wait to hear you play!