May 22, 2011

Luck be a lady.

We went to an amazing fundraiser in Asbury Park (NJ) Friday night. A good friend of ours is on the Board at The Center, a local organization serving people living with HIV and AIDS. Their annual Center a la Carte event brings together local restaurants and beverage suppliers in support of their incredible mission. And there's nothing we like better than getting together with friends to raise money for a great cause.

There were games and prizes. There was a ring toss. The deal was you had to try to land your rings around the neck(s) of wine bottles, and you won whatever bottles you landed on.

Mike was first to go. His technique was what I would describe as a machine gun scatter shot approach. (Note from Mike: "It was not!"). An interesting technique, but he didn't land a ring-around-the-neck.

Next up: Me. I took a breathe, had a pep talk with my friends, and let the first of my rings fly.

And let's just say, turns out I have a hidden talent.

It's true. I totally rocked the ring toss. I have witnesses. My last ring even bounced, ricocheted off the shelf, and landed on the bottle. It was quite something. I have witnesses.

I picked up an ice bucket at a yard sale on Saturday to chill my winnings in. That, and I bragged a lot.

I think we're officially ready to get the whole Summer thing started.


Beach House Living said...

Yes, I would say you have ring toss talent viewing your winnings.
Now, the bouncing off the shelf...amazing.

Annesphamily said...

I loved that game as a kid but it was my late father that won wonderful teddy bears for me! I like the winning of wine! What a special treat! Enjoy the warmer weather! Happy Sunday! Anne

Purple Flowers said...

I'm with you on getting the summer started. I've been diligently working in my garden between rain drops. It's a very peaceful place to be.

I love that you whipped those rings around the wine bottles. You have bragging rights while sitting around sipping the delicious wine.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Too tell the long did you practice that throw? Congrats on the big win...and have lots of wine to celebrate!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

WOW! Wine is a better winning that a stuffed toy any day! Enjoy it! IT looks like you won soem really good ones.

Jean Martha said...

You are so awesome. Let's go on tour and mess up some carnies!

Jamie said...

I am coveting your ice bucket... You and Jean need to take me shopping this summer, promise?! -Jamie

Anonymous said...


Congrats on your winnings! I think you were more motivated than Mike. Perhaps you had sampled some of the goods and it 'steadied' your hand.
The summer has started. 95 today and I've been out gardening, as Thomas painted the picket fence. Both of us battling mosquitoes and man-eating green-heads as we melted.

Received your wonderful vintage postcards! One will soon make it's way to Ocean Grove.

Your Friend,

j.cro said...

Nice work sister!!! Let's get together an have some of that yummy wine! xo

Unknown said...

Love your post! And the hammered aluminum ice bucket.

Think I had one at one time in one of my booths! :)

Have fun with your winnings!