May 07, 2011

Junk in my trunk.

Spring is finally in the air at the Jersey Shore! The flowers are blooming, the sunshine is warm, the tents are going up in town, and my trunk is full of treasures.

Yard sale season kicked-off for me today with the town wide yard sale in Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ. I had a pretty good season opener, if I do say so myself, and didn't even spend twenty bucks.

One of my first stops was at this House of Many Frames. The most expensive one was $4 and it was on of those gigantic (40" tall) ones on the left side of this photo:

I got these three for $4 total:

I especially like the detail on the largest one.

Do I have a plan for them? Nope. But sometimes that's how I roll.

I think my favorite find of the day was definitely this antique ironing board.

And the price was right!

I do have a plan for this, and I can promise you it has nothing to do with ironing. That would be crazy talk.

I also nabbed two Fenton pieces ($5 for both). They needed to be hosed down (literally) and they're currently in the dishwasher, but I think I got a decent deal on these.

Oh, I also saw this door in someone's trash.

If it can't be in my home, I sure hope it winds up in someone else's and not in a landfill. (And by the way, the glass isn't frosted; it's dirty. But still!)

Any treasures in your trunk?


Maureen said...

I thought for sure that glass was frosted when I first saw it and immediately imagined the word "PANTRY" on it. Or bathroom in French. Or something very chic. So I howled when I read it was dirty! You crack me up.

You did great, and I can't wait to see what you do with the ironing board. When I take mine out, my kids ask, "What is THAT?" Tells you how often they see it around these parts.

Jill Ann said...

where do you find those frames?? i need them!!! i just picked up 2 chairs off the side of 206 in hillsborough...they're going to be in my car for a week. we're moving in a month to lacey, so it would be silly to bring them up to our condo, only to move them back down in a few weeks;/ love the ironing board:)

john said...

No treasure but I might be able to take out the snow scraper...

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You find the best stuff, Laura! I could see that ironing board used as a server off the kitchen or a hall table.

Anonymous said...


UGH! I wish you would do a post of upcoming events (flea markets, yard sales, antique shows) in your area. I am suffering from yard sale envy and would love to attend one. If you aren't going to use that door, I will buy it. Like Maureen, I see it with the word PANTRY painted on it. The frames are gorgeous and what a deal. Ironing board would make a great planter. Excited to see what you use it for.

Your Friend,

PS Stop by and enter my Cottage Charm Give-Away. Offering LOTS of vintage finds!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Some fantastic finds!! Shutters has a door remade into a magnetic chalk board with a bar to hang towels...I thought it would be great on a kitchen wall. Love the Fenton finds...this coming Saturday, I will be carless, so if you want to get up early, I am sure there will be many sales...just sayin'

Joyce said...

Get out of town! You found some amazing treasures!! I love them all. I love the title of your post. Wouldn't it make a great book title?! xo

Kwana said...

Oh I'm so excited by your finds. I so want to go shopping with you.

Local Girl said...

Those are some fantastic finds, I love the milk glass it's so hard to find here in the UK. Love the frames too - they are so pretty!

beachy in the burbs said...

Yay for yard sale season! Am lovin' all those frames!