February 16, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras!

How happy was I when my friend showed up at the shorehouse on Sunday with this little something he whipped up for moi? It's good to have great friends. And it's better to have great friends who are florists.

Whew, it's been a whirlwind of activity at the shorehouse. We finally decided on the contractor to work on our attic redo (gulp) and I had no idea how time consuming that whole process would be! Things like plumbing parts are about as exciting to me as walking a half mile in the snow every day to the train (yup; still snowing here). He'll help with the little half bath, too, which I'm sorry to say hasn't gotten much further than the vanity. I feel like my home life is moving in slow motion. And my work life...is interesting.

I dig manage to finish another dress. This is more of a pseudo-dress-tunic-cover-up-thingie, but it's cute, and unlike the other dress I didn't have to seam rip myself out of it. But truth told, I think I'll stick with pillows and crafty bits. I think building a house from the ground-up would be easier for me than reading a Vogue pattern that is suspiciously marked something like, "Super easy, moron-proof pattern inside!" Lies. The only thing I've gotten good at is sleeve patterns.

Speaking of sleeves, I've got something up mine. I'll be hosting a giveaway, a fundraiser for Hudson Cradle (the NJ charity I'm involved with) and a Help for Haiti 2 auction all together in my next post. So stay tuned!

Now I have to get back to something of personal importance. Which would be polishing off the delicious Mardi Gras snacks my awesome brother had sent to us from the Big Easy. And for the record for all you aficionados, the trendy Sucré on Magazine Street in NOLA is now officially home to the king of all King Cakes in my humble sugar-loving opinion.

Laissez les bon temps roulez! Which I think is Creole for "My butt is getting incredibly big from all the crap I'm eating. But who cares! WHOO HOO!" That's right; I put the Fat in Fat Tuesday, y'all.


Joyce said...

Your sewing projects are amazing! I hope you share with us the progress of your home projects. Enjoy my friend your beautiful flowers. xo

black eyed susans kitchen said...

You are too funny!! I am glad to hear that you are having a good time though. Can't wait to see how the home projects progress, and love that tunic. You did an amazing job.
♥, Susan

Unknown said...

Thank you!

pve design said...

Now that is a fat and happy bouquet!
Love your sewing projects. Woo hoo!

Linda Lou said...

Your creative juices are flowing Laura, nice tunic, I can't sew for s---! I am going to my first Mardi Gras party tomorrow night, and will have my first King's Cake (it's a B-Day) celebration! More calories for my BUTT!

Sue said...

Your sewing skills just keep getting better and better...I'm very impressed...This top is adorable...and don't feel bad I've been sewing for 45 years and still can't read a Vogue pattern...

Kwana said...

Happy Mardi Gras. Love the sewing.
FYI you've won an award on my blog today.

preppyplayer said...

How many things do we have in common? I knew you loved New Orleans- I didn't know your brother was down there! What does he do?
I love king cake and there is NOTHING like St. Patrick's day on St. Charles and Magazine!
Anyway , thought you should know that we are skiing Snowbird tomorrow and ending our trip with a lovely day of skiing at Deer Valley on Monday- then back to reality.

Maureen said...

Great dress/cover-up! Looking forward to the pics of the house projects. Good luck on all house and work.

Anonymous said...

Laura -

So glad to see a fellow NJ blogger surviving this winter of our discontent. How lucky are you to have a friend who's a florist! We too are finishing projects at an amazing speed -- amazed that it's taking so damn long! Enjoy your king cake. Besides, if you do gain weight you now have the sewing skills to alter your clothes!

- Deborah

desiree said...

You always make me laugh!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

How did I miss this post Laura?

I love King Cakes ...my husband's office always gets a few and he brings home a few slices for me
I made one last year and it was so good and not hard to do.

I hope the work situation irons out .. my son just got a new job that he was hoping for, and we were all sending good vibrations his way as he waited to hear the news after a few interviews.

I'm going out to CO for a week in March ...maybe we'll run into each other! :-) It's been cold there this winter and lots of snow so they should have some good powder where ever you go!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Girl, you are majorly styling here! Love your tunic, and your flowers are lovely. You are living right, my friend!


Sheila :-)