January 21, 2010

One and done: Bathroom vanity found. Maybe?

It was just Saturday that I mentioned I was tasked with finding a cabinet to rest a vessel sink on. Within 24 hours, in the very first booth at the very first antique store I went in, I think I found one.

I can tell you exactly how many times I find something right away: NONE! I don't know about you, but when I'm looking for something very specific, forget about it.

This old sewing cabinet has the age we're looking for along with the usefulness we need (a cabinet to hide both the plumbing and the spare papier du toilette).

A quick flip of the top shows where a sewing machine once lived. We'll pluck out the metal shelving unit and drill a hole through the top of the of the flip-top to rest the sink and run the plumbing.

I was pretty excited to see
a tutorial on Young House Love for getting a vanity prepped for a vessel sink-- talk about timing! -- as well as their recommendation for an eco-friendly wood sealer. Especially since the wood has a lovely, somewhat funky (in a good way) grain:

I think this could be the winner (I have an utter fear of commitment that my loved ones will gladly fill you in on). I'll be back to visit her this weekend and if she's still there, maybe it's meant to be.

* * * * *

Congratulations to Carla who was the winning bidder on my first
Help for Haiti auction. The tote and its contents went for $110! I am overwhelmed by the kindness of others. I will absolutely be hosting another auction to coincide with Valentine's Day ('cause I love y'all!) and I've gotten messages from friends who want to contribute so I guarantee you we'll have something fabulous for you to bid on.

You also have until noon Eastern today (Wednesday) to bid on the wares over at Renovation Therapy. Two words: Pucci print. (Two more: Click now!) And Reclaimed Home has set-up an eBay store of vintage goodness to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Fifteen percent of all sales will go directly to their relief efforts. I can't think of a better reason to shop, can you?


Keetha Broyles said...

Ooooo, ooooo, ooooo!!! It's a LOVELY cabinet.

Please don't tell me you're going to paint it.

No, no - - - don't tell me.

Purple Flowers said...

What a pretty cabinent. It will look perfect in your bathroom. Have fun! :)

Liz@Violet Posy said...

Oh I love it! It needs some love, but you could get it stripped = revarnished or painted and it'd look gorgeous! Good find!

Shorely Chic said...

I'm so excited to see how this comes out and how you do this - I've really been wanting to make one. yay!

Joyce said...

Thank you for the wonderful auction and Thank you Carla!

I love your new vanity. It is fun to watch you come across the diamonds in the raw and how you bring them to life. xo

Blondie's Journal said...

You can be so outright funny, Laura! But I want to congratulate you on the auction. You have one big heart. And thanks for passing the information on the other auction.

I like the cabinet. It's very cool of you to repurpose the sewing cabinet. I hope it is still there if you decide on it. :-)


desiree said...

I really like the cabinet. Great find! I can't wait to see it in the bath. Congrats on the tote for Haiti.

Anonymous said...


This is perfect for what you have in mind. I hope it's still there when you return. I like the finish just the way it is. Just needs something to protect it.

Great job on your auction to help Haiti.


modernemama said...

It's gonna be gorgeous & congrats on the auction

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Love that vessel sink Laura, and the sewing cabinet you found looks perfect! I hope it's still there when you go back this weekend.

Did you see that there is an ETSY store called "Craft Hope" filled with donated handmade goods with all profits going to benefit Doctors Without Borders in Haiti? The button for this shop is on my blog sidebar. I thought it was a fabulous idea!

Lorrie said...

Hi Laura, It will be amazing if you've found this cabinet to use as a vanity on the first shot, that doesn't happen often. You give a good description of how you need to modify it for your purpose. I hope you're able to make your decision so that you can start the actual work soon. The wood does look lovely.

I'm so glad your Haiti auction did so well. Like you, I'm heartbroken over the situation there. Our church set up a fund and we have donated to this, but somehow it doesn't seem like any amount we could give would be enough. I have to keep telling myself that if each person does what he/she can, it will add up to something meaningful. Praying the logistics on the ground there continue to get sorted out so that the aid that is being sent can be distributed. I can only imagine how complicated the logistics must be.

Courtney said...

that will be perfect for your vanity! love the detail on the front. And I'm so glad you'll be doing another auction. I want to contribute!

btw love your idea about the calling cards. I'm going to whip something up! The ideas are flowin'...

Renovation Therapy said...

Love that cabinet!

Tina said...

Looks like a winner to me! I love it . It' perfect!
We must see photos of progression and when it's done.

Courtney said...

Laura - I saw your comment about calling cards again - LOVE the idea. In fact I've already designed one set and am working on some other coordinating ones. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll get a chance to photograph them and list them. You can see if you like those or would like to wait for a different design. (Also if you saw a card design you liked that you might want me to translate to a calling card, let me know! I'm happy to create some just for the Shorehouse! I'll keep thinking about it and maybe there's a design I can come up with just for you.)

preppyplayer said...

Laura, mission accomplished. Love the trim on the front- a bit Mission "ish?"
Is the cabinet veneered? If so, be careful as it could be a bit fragile. If it's oak, no worries.

I found a veneered vanity from the 1920's and although we could refinish it, the chips and dents from life could not be repaired. To be honest- it made me love the piece even more!

Porch Days said...

That cabinet is going to make a dynamite vanity. Pleas post a picture when it is finished!