April 08, 2009

Go ahead...make my day.

Well YOU all certainly know how to make a gal's day! I had fun taking a "trip down bloggy lane" for my last post, and was amazed by how much this past year has brought me. More amazing were the comments you left. I took an online sabbatical for three (!!!) days...you know, the whole reducing my carbon footprint, reducing the dust bunnies on my long-neglected floors, etc....and returned to some of the nicest things people have ever said. As my mom says, "if you're having a bad day, just read your blog comments."

Speaking of bunnies, the ones of a non dusty variety made their way into the shore house living room. I have a new addition, thanks to the amazingly artistic Tina at The Artful Life. Isn't Gentleman Bunny fabulous? I won him in an auction...

Tina is one talented and crafty (and super sweet) lady, and has an Etsy store with some of her treasures.

Gentleman B joined the bunny my mom bought me last year...the first decoration to make it past the shore house threshold...and another bunny she bought me this year, who unfortunately arrived to the party APO (After Photo Op). They currently live together in my wildly eclectic (EGGclectic? Har har.) display...

And while we're on my china cabinet (well, not ON it per se, so much as on the topic of...) as I was snapping away I decided to take a look at the living room's evolution in Year One at the Shore House. To review, here she was last winter on closing day:

Here she was one year ago this week, our first room done, or at least the first one RFPO (Ready for Photo Op):

And here she was this weekend:

That antique china cabinet has replaced the faux foliage, and was one of the deals of the century (or at least of the year). There was also the addition of that long-awaited round dining table, direct from the old stand-by Pottery Barn after I bailed on the local store that kept screwing up the order/delivery/everything (incidentally, they went of business this year. Shocking, I know...). Thank you, PB. Your round table that expands to seat six comfortably (seven...we've done it) kind of rocks my world.

I also had to head to the Home Goods this weekend to buy another area rug. Sand-colored sisal + black dog = big mess. So this darker one, scored for a mere $49 at the Asbury Park Home Goods, will do a better job.

And you kind of, sort of make out the orchid on the dining table. I don't care if they're falling out design favor...I puffy heart orchids. Wait until you see the orchid grower I went to on Saturday during my online sabbatical! (It's amazing what the world has to offer when you turn off your computer...)

So...next stop: Silva Orchids. See you there!


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Laura,
Love the new bunny and the old ones too!

That cabinet is gorgeous!

And, the color of the walls is very pretty...seems like that color is one of the new trends! Love it!


Sue said...

Hi Laura....the china cabinet is gorgeous...I will agree with Diane...you sure can find some wonderful "FInds"....when I move back you are taking me on a tour of all these great places you shop...Love the bunny you won...have a Happy Easter...Bake lots of goodies and stuff your face!! That what us Italians do...

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love that china cabinet! It goes so well with your decor and fits perfectly. What a difference in that room from day one! It could be a Pottery Barn vignette as it's so pretty.

Bunnies bring good luck so you'll have lots at the Shorehouse this summer.

I love orchids but it is the one plant I don't have luck with, so I don't buy them anymore.

Hope you have a very happy Easter and enjoy that Daring Baker dessert, as I know we will! :-D

Keetha said...

Oh, that dog bone brick-a-brack on the rug is an especially lovely touch, don't'cha think???

Purple Flowers said...

The etchings in the china cabinent are great! I also love the beautiful woodwork around the doorways.

rh said...

Love the bunny!
And the china cabinet!

Liz@Violet Posy said...

I love Mr Bunny - he's just gorgeous as is the china cabinet! I look forward to seeing the new PB table. I can get small things shipped to the UK but nothing like a table ;)

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

The bunny painting is wonderful, Laura!

I love seeing the evolution of your living room. Beautiful room!

I did a post about my mother's cabinet this week. I don't know if you've had a chance to see it yet. Thought I'd let you know, since I know how much you like it.

stacilynfeldman said...

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that wall color! such an upgrade from the dusty rose of days gone by.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful living room-it makes me happy to look at it! And the bunnies are adorable! :)

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Laura, We practically lost our minds in Silva Orchids one Sunday. It was a few years ago, and we walked away with five plants! It was orchid overload. The cabinet is beautiful. Round tables are a bit of an obsession with me.
♥, Susan

Kwana said...

Love Mr. Bunny B and the living room looks great.

Joyce said...

Laura, congrats on the winning! Mr. B is adorable! He matches my cookies I baked. It is fun to look at before and after photos. Great job!! The craziness pays off knowing you have a home at the shores to relax. xoxo

Fifi Flowers said...

Looks GREAT!!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Dear Laura, I for one am so happy you started blogging. The world is a better place. Happy one year!

And yes, I love your mr. bunny. He's adorable.

Liz said...

I so love your house pictures. They always make me sigh, and then remember I need to clean my house. :)

Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

Anonymous said...

Will you come by and decorate my house for me one day? You've got some seriously phenomenal taste and talent, chicky!

That said, you KNOW I used the torch! Couldn't live without my torch! LOL

Finally, Yay to the fact that we got some good pitching the past two games. I'm hoping the bad ju-ju is just gas :P

Linda Lou said...

Hi Laura, love the adorable bunny, and the things you have done to the living room, the wall color especially! Have a Happy Easter!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Yep, love those bunnies! You have some neaat things, Laura, and those bunnies defiitely qualify! :-)

And that cabinet... very cool!

And the paint color and the room really work for me.

Great job!

Happy Easter to the Shorehouse from the Nest. Sending you MUCH LOVE...


Sheila :-)

Rue said...

Happy Easter Laura!!


Pink Pig said...

Loving the living room. Hello from the North Country. I miss the beach...i lived in Monmouth Beach for several years before moving to the country. Enjoyed the read.

sarah said...

I'm so with your mom

of course I love your find, lovely cabinet

happy days


Tina said...

Laura, you sweetie,
how nice of you to post about the Gentleman B and now I get to see where he spent Easter. Thanks for your lovely comments. Means alot to me.
That cabinet is a treasure and I enjoyed seeing the evolution of that room. What a talented decorator you are.
Many blessings

Stephanie said...

Hi Laura,
Your transformation in the living room is amazing! It's so airy and your choice in furniture for the room is perfect.

By the way, thanks for your post a while back about the Maggie ornament I made for you! I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for your kind words and taking the time to stop by my blog here and there too! :)

niartist said...

Beautiful job!