June 14, 2008

Round and round it goes.

Imagine our surprise when Pottery Barn told us they could have the Harvest table for us in three days. We just didn’t think it was possible to get a dining table in less than four months.

We borrowed Uncle G’s pick-up truck to fetch it (Note: If you are purchasing a table that you know is 48” round, why would it fit through the 40” opening in your hatchback? For two reasonably intelligent people, we can be awfully bubble-headed every now and again.), and the man of the house was able to assemble the table super easily.

Can you believe how well our chairs match it? These are the chairs from the five piece dining set M. scored on sale for $359 at Gothic Cabinet Craft. All by himself. I'm so proud of him!

At the time we bought it, we knew we’d be able to use the rectangular table as our desk. We’ve moved it to our den-in-progress, and it’s the perfect size and surface area for spreading out work and other (more fun) projects. Since the table is, well, cheap veneer, I’m thinking I’ll have beveled glass cut to preserve the top…which is already a little marred.

The one issue we have with our new table is that the fine folks at PB thought it would be “neat” to make their faux farm table a little more authentic by distressing the finish. The only thing distressing is how much the two symmetrically placed manmade dings look like Frankenstein’s head stitches. Here’s one of them:

Its matching scar is on a direct diagonal from it. It was almost a deal breaker, but we liked everything else about the table so decided we could live with it. Although I’m sure more than one person will try wiping it off the table – like I did in the store – thinking it’s a crayon or Sharpie mark.

We’re very happy we went for a table with a leaf. We’ve already had five people sit comfortably at the table without the leaf in it, so we know there will be many happy meals (not the Mickey D’s variety) served in our little dining nook.

And: Can we talk about that huge elephant ear leaf for a second? I bought it on April 18, and two months later it’s just starting to turn a bit brown. I picked it up at the lovely Anthiea Floral Design in downtown Jersey City. At $15 it was definitely a couple of bucks more than I wanted to spend on a leaf, but since it's been the table centerpiece for two months I’d say I got my money’s worth.


Anonymous said...

Love the table! Agree with the funky distressing...can you not just leave well enough alone, lol? But totally diggin' it anyway. Round tables are awesome. :)

Courtney said...

well done on the table, Laura! And chairs too. You're right - they do match perfectly. It must feel great to finally have that settled!

Jen r. said...

Love both of the tables and how great that the chairs go!! That room looks really great ! Jen R