July 09, 2008

How do I love blogs? Let me count the ways.

Yard sales have been a little under-whelming in my area this year. It seems everyone thinks their crap, er, stuff is way more valuable than it is. I mean, do I need a rusty frying pan for $5 when I can get a brand new one at Home Goods for $9? This is a very bothersome yard sale trend that must cease immediately.

So where was the best yard sale of the season so far? You guessed it: On a blog.

Kim at One Woman’s Cottage Life had the amazing idea to bring her yard sale to all of us in the blogosphere. How cool is that?! And she definitely had good deals, even with shipping taken into consideration. I scooped up this apple green lamp for the guest room for $7:

Love it! And I also bought a vintage red sundress for $5 that I planned on using for one of my planned self-taught Tailoring 101 “classes.” But then the dress arrived, and it’s super cute and in perfect shape! So it looks like class may not be in session after all. (Phew! Another reason to delay learning how to sew! Although...I would like to. Eventually.) I would have scooped up some of the fabrics she had for sale, but as usual I “overslept” and missed out on the early bird sales.

I love the idea of hosting a yard sale on your blog. We’re all sort of kindred spirits, if you will, so you know that your swag will go to a good home. I thought about doing it myself…until I saw this
yard sale update photo on her blog:

Wowza! Wait a minute Mister Postman, indeed. Poor guy probably got a hernia. And I’m tired just thinking about all the work that Kim wound up putting in to this (bet she’s wishing she just dragged it all out to the driveway on a sunny Saturday!).

Here’s a peek at the lamp in its new home:

It’s happily illuminating my $10 sassy lady “art” (in quotes, but it’s art to me!). I’ll post before and after photos of “The Green Room” in its (teeny tiny) entirety later this week. I seem to have misplaced the before photos. Even though they’re of nothing but bright blue blank walls and scuffed woodwork, they help me feel a small sense of accomplishment. :-)

Applaud Kim for her creative yard sale by checking out her beautiful blog. Her recent post answering reader questions on her DIY kitchen is great. I think I want to DI *MY* kitchen!


heidi said...

i love a good yard sale as much as the next guy, but seriously? i'm loving your very own hanging lamp!

Mrs. Limestone said...

I always seem to stumble upon the sale where the owner thinks her velvet dogs paintings are akin to a picasso masterpiece.

An online blog sale is a great idea.

j.cro said...

I LOVE that lamp!!

There were SO many thing I would have liked to purchase from that "yard" sale. I wish I knew about it earlier. What a fantastic idea.

Lucky ducks, all of you!

One Woman's Cottage Life said...

Oh, Laura, thank you so much for your kind words! I felt so honored that you and others dropped in to shop at my sale...and I had no idea so much would sell! Next time, I think I'm going to stick to 3 - 5 items at a time, though, hehe!

The lamp looks great with that crisp white shade - so pretty! It' so cool seeing it in someone elses home! With actual real life yard sales, you don't get to do that:) The art on the wall is amazing - I can't wait to see the whole room!

Thanks again for your post. The yard sale was a lot of work but SO much fun!

Hooked on Houses said...

I love the idea of an online yard sale. I don't love the idea of being the person having to box all those things up and mail, them, though. Still, it looks like it was fun. I like the lamp you scored! -Julia

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Thanks, everyone! Isn't it such a great idea?!?! By the time I got to the sale, it was picked pretty clean or I would have linked to it.

OWCL is right -- maybe the trick is a handful of items at a time to keep your sanity. :-) I'm still considering giving it a whirl some day.

Laura said...

I think an online blog sale is FABULOUS. I am in serious need of some yard "sailing" and I have not been to one yet.

Ah, so little time, so little time!

please sir said...

Oh I totally agree - lovely find too! I like the hanging lamp too!

Anonymous said...

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