April 26, 2008

Isn't she beautiful?

I love the things I’m scavenging for the house, and this gem is one of my favorites so far.

The woman I bought her from acquired it about 10 years ago. Her husband was helping a woman sort through her husband’s belongings after he passed away. He salvaged a bunch of pictures from a tattered old calendar, and framed a couple of his favorite little lasses.

It’s a really nice size -- bit over 20” x 17” -- and at 10 bucks I didn’t even try to bargain. This babe was coming home with me.

There is much to adore about this gem, like the patina (re: peeling paint) on the black wood frame, and the “Beach Party” text at the bottom. But I think my favorite part is the tray of random foodstuffs perched at her sassy little hip. There are fruits, a hunk of cheese (processed, no doubt) and an entire loaf of Wonder-type white bread. I love me a girl who loves her carbs!

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