July 07, 2008

What a week!

It wasn’t just the long holiday weekend that had me all jazzed this week. It was the blogland love.

First, I posted a little ditty about how fabulous the feature on Julie Newmar’s garden in the new issue of
Cottage Living is.

Photo by Marion Brenner for Cottage Living, July/August 2008

Next thing I know, the Divine Ms. Newmar is posting a comment on my blog! I almost plotzed. And I know what you’re thinking: No WAY. But I did a little sniffing around and I have this to say: Way. And so way cool.

Then, the lovely Julia from
Hooked on Houses mentioned me on her blog and gave me a You Make My Day Award!

Imagine that! Julia’s blog is fantastic, so coming from her it’s quite an honor. A self-described real estate junkie and addict of houses (if you read my first-ever post in April, you know I kind of stalked my way in to my own house!), Julia’s blog mixes photo tours of amazing, sometimes over-the-top (sometimes both!) homes, with stories and anecdotes about her own home and family, and – last but certainly not least – her HGTV Design Star recaps on Mondays. The recaps are hysterical and way better than the show is this go round. I mean, I’m more of a design star than some of these “talents.” And I don't know what the heck I'm doing! But back to Julia: Her blog is a well written, fun read (in addition to having great photos), and since she’s one of the first bloggers to regularly visit mine I’d have to say that she makes my day, too. I’m seriously amazed anyone who’s not related to me comes by my blog! Just as Julia and Julie Newmar made my day this week, the lovely bloggers who come to my blog regularly and comment like Nesting Instincts, Please Sir, The Laundry Is Never Finished, Snapshots and Confabulation, Shoot Scoop, and Adventures in Renovating make my day, as do the new (to me) bloggers I'm meeting, especially Aimee’s Adventures.

And just how did Aimee make my day? I won
a custom pet portrait on her other fabulous web site -- 4 The Love of Animals, which focuses on animal rescue and is loaded with great tips, pet advice and giveaways. I can hardly wait for talented artist Tabatha Rhodes to get started. As soon I told the other lady of the house we’d won, she flashed a smile an even threw a “high five” in the air.

So Aimee, you made our day for sure.

And, finally, the one big thing I learned this week: The Jersey Shore loves July 4th. Like a kitty loves milk. There was more red, white and blue than I think I’ve ever seen in my life, and a parade in every town. I posted some pictures of Asbury Park on the 4th of July, but the 5th of July brought the parade to our own little hamlet.

Santa even made an appearance:

As did Uncle Sam...

...but he got a little tuckered out and took a seat from someone.

Love this bike, and just had to shoot in black and white:

And can we talk about this peach of a house?! It's one of my favorites in town, and I watched the parade from in front of it so I had to take a picture:

Here's another stretch of (single family!) Victorian beauties on the parade route:

I hope your week was great, and that my Stateside blog friends enjoyed their holiday as much as I did. Now....back to work...

And, hey, stay tuned: My recent "fleaing" turned up what will be my first blog giveaway! I think it's pretty cool (I guess I would). More on that this week.


please sir said...

Thanks for the link love - looks like you had a wonderful weekend! That Santa is CRAZY!

Hooked on Houses said...

Oh, my goodness! You're making me blush with all the compliments! I need to hire you to do my PR. Thanks, Laura. You went and made my day AGAIN. :-)

I have to say this is the scariest Santa--and creepiest Uncle Sam--I've ever seen. Got a good laugh out of them. Especially Uncle Sam taking a seat on somebody's lawn chair. I bet he frightened a few children that day!

I went back and read your first post since I missed it the first time around. What a great story of how you got your house! -Julia

Mrs. Limestone said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!

Where do you usually go shopping? I spend at least half of my weekends in Sea Bright and Im always looking for new places to pick up goodies. Im already a regular at the Red Bank antique warehouse/barns but thats pretty much all I know.

Joanna Goddard said...

those photos are amazing! xo

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Please Sir & Hooked On -- Santa (and Sam) were C-reepy! That is why I loved them so. ;-)

P.S. PR - no problem. :-) You are such an easy client.

Mrs. L -- I am finding new places myself (and Red Bank Antique Ctr is one for sure! Scored a couple of items there.).

So far: There's the tea room in the Avon post you saw...No web site, but called Cottage by the Sea (right off Rte. 71). Tiny, but a couple of good pieces. AND...a brand spanking new mega antique center opened this weekend in Allenhurst (one town north of Asbury Park). Name is escaping me so I'll have to get back to you. It's just getting up and running so give it a couple of weeks. The Antique Center on Cookman Ave in Asbury Park (in an old Woolworth bldg) is a bit hit or miss (tends to be overpriced), but a good visit. And last week I checked out Arnold Avenue and Bay (Street? Ave? Intersects Arnold) in Point Pleasant -- I went on the late side, but want to go back. A *LOT* of antique stores! It looked very promising.

Joanna - I was just enjoying your blog pics from the English Wedding! Looked like a fabulous time!

Jen r. said...

Wow, what a super cool week!!! That is totally amazing! The Julie Newmar..You should play the lotto! Jen R

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! I LOVE the pictures. And how cool to get a comment from Julie...WOW! Oh happy day!

j.cro said...

When I was at the super market the other day I picked up some doggie treats for Miss M so I can bribe her into loving me (or at least not barking as much!) when I come to visit.

I'll have to come over soon to see how it works.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Can y'all believe the Julie Newmar thing?! Crazy.

J. cro -- awww...that is totally sweet of you. Not to get your hopes down, but my neighbor cooked her prime rib -- hello?! -- and she's still scared of him (she took the beef and ran ;-)

kristy said...

congrats! and nice photographs at the parade.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Thanks _ ill have to check those out. Im always hunting for places like the Red Bank antique barns. It really irritates me when I see an antique store selling worthless junk for fortunes. The whole fun is finding something a little cheaper and using some elbow grease and imagination to make it worthwhile.

Susie Harris said...

Those houses are adorable!!! I wish I lived on that street! Susie H~

Aimee "Roo" said...

I love that the Julie Newmar comment was real! :)

And I can't wait to see the portrait that Tabatha does of your sweet doggie. That is going to be so fun to see.

Rue said...

Hi Laura :)

I seriously can't believe that Julie Newmar wrote you on here!! How cool :)

LOVE Santa! LOL Great parade and the houses are so cute too :)


Courtney said...

Awww...Laura...you are sooo sweet. Can you tell how embarrassingly behind I am on my blog reading? I've been sick over the last week and have sorely missed reading your blog and everyone else's I frequent. (I just spent the last ten minutes catching up on your posts.) Thank you for the sweet mention. You made my day today. :-)