January 13, 2011

The Year In Thrift: Part One

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, 2010 proved to be a stellar year for thrifting in New Jersey. Here, in part one of two, is a look at ten of the things that made my thrifty hearty flutter this past year:

1. Statue of Liberty vase/cup/thingie. Cost 50 cents

Provenance: Ocean Grove yard sale

This past year, I made a promise to myself I'd limit tchotchke purchases and only buy things that served a purpose.

So I put my toothpaste in Lady Libby and gave her a purpose. Plus, she’s right at home with her family in the second floor bathroom.

2. Vintage aluminum sign. Cost: Free

Provenance: Next door neighbor’s trash

The sign said, “Take Home Kern’s Bread”…so I did. Right from my shorehouse neighbor’s trash.

3. Vintage linens. Cost: $10 (total)

Provenance: Ocean Grove Flea Market (by way of vendor’s Nana’s cupboard)

The tablecloths were $5 each which, even though that’s big bucks for me, I knew was a bargain. One still had tags on it!

Judging by the wild-eyed look on the face of the shabby chicified woman next to me when I asked “how much are these?” I have a feeling she knew I got a deal, too. The vendor threw in the towel (literally) for free. And they all laundered like a dream.

4. Funky necklace. Cost: 50 cents

Provenance: Allaire State Park Flea Market

A couple of snip-snips later and I shed the Travolta chain and added my own white gold one. Eventually I’ll also change out the gigantic loopy thing the chain goes through, but I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on this thing. “Is that coral?” “Is that sculpted?” I’m fairly sure it’s plastique, circa 1970.

5. A whole slew of
Shiny Brites and old timey ornaments. Cost: Free?

Provenance: St. Paul’s Rummage Sale, Ocean Grove

It was “stuff-everything-in-a-bag-for-$3” day at the rummage sale. They had a whole slew of glass vases, and since my friend runs a home-based florist biz I asked if he wanted them for his shows and such. While I was carefully filling the shopping bag, something shiny (and “brite,” if you will) caught my eye from a box under the table. I stuffed every single loose ornament in the vases, and the ones in cardboard sleeves slipped right in vases as-is. Since they fit in the bag that I already was buying for
Bloom Boxx technically they were free right? Right.

To be continued…with ironstone, Roussell chairs, Mrs. Johnson and more!


Keetha Broyles said...

Love the crackling in Lady L's glazing.

And that necklace! "Mum's" the word. ;-)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

WOW You really have a good eye and the best luck thrifting, Laura!I love everything! The Statue of Liberty head was such a perfect find for you!
One of my sister-in-law's maiden name was Kern, so if you ever want to toss that vintage sign I'll take it off your hands :)

Joyce said...

You sure are the thrifty shopper! I love your treasures. xo

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Wow, Laura! That is quite a haul: cute Statue of Liberty, neat sign, cool linens, really fun necklace, and wonderful ornaments. I'm going thrifting with YOU!


Sheila :-)

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

So glad I can't sleep and saw this post! You and I would have fun th rifting together...if we didn't fight over the stuff!

I agree with Pat, you have a great eye!

Love all of it...the linens are great, and I've really gotten into the vintage jewelry! So much fun!

Glad you are blogging again!

Purple Flowers said...

I am lovin' this post! Those Shiny brites are a memory keeper of my childhood. and that necklace is a treasure. I know for a fact you are a great shopper! ;)

Anonymous said...


First off, I didn't know you know Sue!
I love the patriotic family print you mention in that post. Your Lady Liberty is beautiful and functional!
All of your finds are treasures. I especially like the vintage linens!

Your Friend,

Liz@Violet Posy said...

As always some fabulous finds there, I love the necklace :)

modernemama said...

They're all gorgeous but #4 is so fab - and I'd have done the same with Lady L!