January 06, 2011

What I did in 2010. Part two.

Continuing on...

August 2010

In August my friends and I held our first ever Farmers' Market Challenge. The object was to make dinner entirely from stuff picked up at the Asbury Park Farmers' Market, a wee tiny array of vendors. You know how in the beginning of The Iron Chef everyone runs and grabs ingredients out of each other's hands? That's what we looked like. Which was pretty funny since most of the shoppers there were...well, just shopping. And we were grabbing. And running. And tossing produce to (at?) each other. But the vendors totally got into it.

The next week a couple of the them wanted us to email pictures of what we made. And thankfully, we didn't embarrass ourselves. Here's a sample:

September 2010

As the "Summer of Sawdust" drew to an end, our new bathroom was fully framed out and ready for tile.

The tile part was easier said than done (and we didn't even do the tiling ourselves), but I think you'll be proud when you see the final product. (I squealed when I got in the shower for the first time.) I must recommend is the
Toto Vespin toilet. You may have heard of its "cyclone technology" and if not let's just say that's a mighty good flush. It also makes me want to hang one of Mrs. Limestone's pics of the Coney Island Cyclone to next to it. (Pssst! She's giving away her photos over at her blog! Head over to enter.)

October 2010

I saw a pig in dress in Asbury Park. And I'm not making a derogatory comment about some Jersey Shore girl. I saw an actual pig in a dress.

Halloween weekend, I
walked with the zombies.

And scared the neighbor's kids.

November 2010

I went to
a crafty meet-up inspired by Amy Sedaris' new Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People book.

I made this hair clip out of candy wrappers and entered Amy's contest on WNYC.

I didn't win.

December 2010

We headed to Key West for a pre-Christmas getaway. I went to my first-ever boat parade and loved it. I wanted the little boat in the photo below to win, partially because it really did look like a sleigh but mostly because it had a flame thrower in the back. Sweet.

Like me in the Amy Sedaris contest, it didn't win.

We had to drink hot cocoa and wear winter coats to keep warm. In Key West. Florida.

In hindsight I laugh a little about that, because when we got home
this happened:

(That's my car under there.)

We were trapped in the shorehouse for five days waiting for the streets to be plowed. You probably wouldn't have liked me very much by day four.

So there you have it. What was my favorite part of 2010? Thrifting adventures. Oh, the thrifting. Honestly, it was a banner year. My friend Jim and I elevated thrifting to an art form in 2010.

Up next: Top 10 Thrifts of 2010


Joyce said...

Really Laura that is your car under that pile of snow? I have enjoyed what you have been doing the past year. xo

The Quintessential Magpie said...

It is just so good to have you back, and what do you mean you didn't win??? That hair piece was so clever, and that sloat (sleigh/boat) is, too. Something seriously wrong with the judges, I say.

Yes, it has actually been grey (and coldish) in Central Florida which is SHOCKING to me. Mr. Magpie is in Destin today, and he said it is clear and gorgeous (and cold) there. Sigh. What am I doing here??? But I must say, I am thankful that I don't have to dig out. Oh, Laura, I would have gone insane. Well, maybe not. I have been trapped in the house for three weeks, and I'm not crazy yet. Quite possibly because I was crazy before, you think???

Love you...


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

The NJ shore took a hit with that last storm. After last winter, I am hoping it's the one and only. I fear it's not.
You have been very busy!

Your Friend,

PS Snooky is NOT a NJ shore resident, she's a bennie.

Keetha Broyles said...

That little pink pig in the dress is the cutest, funniest, craziest thing I've ever seen!

Wow - - - you DID get the snow! We had 15 inches in one storm, but you have us beat by at least double!

Lauren said...

Great pics! The food looks yummy. More snow today but hopefully not too much.

Caren said...

Like other said, it IS good to have you back. My grandfather used to take me to Asbury Park when I was a kid. I called it "Raspberry Park." I'm sure I'm not the first to call it that, nor will I be the last.

You are a scary zombie.

Can't wait to see your thrifts! Exciting!

I love the Farmer's Market challenge idea, very clever.

j.cro said...

You're back. You're back. YOU'RE BACK!!! I've missed your internet musing so much - as well just plain ol' missed you!

What a year it has been.

Happy New Year. Let's try for coffee super soon. I'm done with A&P II in two weeks - no more exams to study for, just papers to write and I'm done (hopefully) by mid-March.


j.cro said...

And to Joyce, the 1st commenter - yes, that would be Laura's car - we really got THAT MUCH snow down here.

In the background of this post is my car - http://i8pixistix.blogspot.com/2010/12/happy-new-year.html -

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

The pig in the dress was too cute! Lol ..only on the Jersey Shore

I can't wait to see your completed bathroom and all your thrift tips and findings.

Wasn't key west fun? I'm sad you has such cold weather while there.

Let's hope the snowstorm we are expecting form the west this week doesn't bring another 2+ feet of snow!

Purple Flowers said...

I liked all your photos, especially the one of the pig in the dress.
I'm glad you're back for 2011!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

We will have to plan some serious adventures this year...I am ready right now! You did see the weather report for this week...didn't you? I am sick of winter...maybe it will leave early? Do I hear robins and see tulips springing up through the snow? It must be my delirium! I agree with everyone else...so happy to have you back at the writing helm...the picture of the pig was my favorite.
♥, Susan

Maureen said...

How could you not win that contest? That's crazy.
Love the part 2 wrap-up, especially since it didn't involve bodily injury. Well, it might have for that pig!

Glad you're back!

modernemama said...

Wonderful year-do you want to join me in declaring a snowatus? That's a break of indeterminate length in the freakin' weather we've been having