November 12, 2009

Tea for two. Or more.

It's day four of Thrifty Christmas here at the shorehouse and (shockingly) I'm still going strong.

We blog. We tweet. We text. We work. We commute. We take care of families. We work some more. We walk the dogs. We feed the cats. We clean the toilets. We do laundry. We fall up the stairs running to catch the phone. (Or is that one just me?)

Some people even do it all simultaneously. What happened to the art...of doing nothing?

Here's a gift idea: Take the time to get together with a friend or group of friends and have a tea party. Turn off the cell phones, and Laugh. Spend silly time together. I can't think of a better gift than that.

Set-up is simple. Boil the water, grab a festive tea (cinnamon apple's nice), bake some cookies (or the brownies I posted yesterday) -- and better yet, display them on a handmade dessert stand. But before the big day, hit the thrift stores and pick up some tea cup and saucer sets. I really struck gold when I found these at a church rummage sale this summer...

They were on a table of mismatched pieces. My brother and I found some unblemished pairs among the rubble, and the price was right:

The cups were priced separately from the saucers, but still -- 50 cents a set? Score.

After the tea party, everyone takes their cup home with them. And every time they look at it they will remember your friendship, and the day you all made time....for time.

The Mad House and Violet Posy also have super easy tutorials for making soy candles in tea cups, another fabulous thrifty holiday gift. Plus, once the soy's finished the cup is still food safe so it's truly the gift that keeps on giving. Click here and here to hop over to their blogs and you'll be a master candle maker in no time.

More ideas from thrifty gift week:

Monday - Tie one on! Bags from vintage men's ties.
Tuesday - DIY cake stands.
Wednesday - Bake up a thrifty gift.
Today - Tea for two
Coming Friday - ??? (Seriously. I have no idea.)


heidi said...

Can't wait to see what's thrifty for friday... being a card-carrying member of Friday's myself, I'm wondering if it's the BOGO Mojito.

Joyce said...

I'm on my way with my teacup and saucer to the party. Have a golden weekend my friend. xo

Tina said...

I was just cleaning out some storage and found my tote with sweet rose china cups and saucers and I'm going to make some little gifty things with them for Christmas. I love your idea.

Maya said...

I like the idea of "tea time"..., and have some especially nice cups for it.

Nouveau Stitch said...

Whatever happened to church rummage sales anyway? ...{must bring that up with the Pastor}. A tea party is a fabulous idea ~ how fun!


j.cro said...

That's a really thoughtful and lovely idea.

And no, it's not just you that falls up the steps to get the phone - I occasionally do the same thing.

Maureen said...

Now, if you were really my friend, you would send those tea cups south! Love them! Kidding....

What a great idea. Time with friends (without cell phones and even without diaper-wearing distractions) is so important.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a steal! But an even better deal is tea with friends.

On another note. You sure know how to make a girl cry.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my daughters blog. She will also be commenting back to you as well.

Your words of encouragement made her day.

modernemama said...

J'adore that fabric

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'd never find 50 cent tea cups and scaucers around here but Ilove te idea of a tea party with take home cups!

I must have "fallen up" my stairs Laura as I found out I have a stress fracture in my left foot! Ouch! I really don't know how I did it? Now I ahve to wear a big ugly shoe for a hoo.