November 13, 2008

All dressed up.

Aren't these paintings beautiful? I love the way they are seemingly dancing off their canvases. They are the work of the super talented
Diane Bronstein, whose blog (Inspiration by Design) is one of my newest online crushes. And, as if I couldn't be smitten enough, the first painting in this post is a giveaway on her blog! Head on over there for a chance to win this amazing watercolor, and please be sure to check out Diane's artwork (and the other equally talented artists she features) while you're visiting.

My own dress crush du jour (aside from these paintings) is the newest dress in the Laura collection (how fitting!) at J. Crew. Yum.

Now if only they'd sell those long, lean legs with it - I'd be all in.

While I was over at J. Crew, I noticed the original Laura dress I talked about a while back is on sale now. Big time.

In any event...Please do stop by Diane's lovely blog. I'd love for one of you (re: me ;-) to dance away the winner.


Tina said...

Do you think they make that J.Crew dress in short and stumpy?
I love the style of it.
Those paintings are so wonderful. I'll buzz on over to her site. Thanks for sharing it.

Joyce said...

There is something so peaceful and magical about the paintings. I really like the first one she is giving away. Thanks for sharing!

PS- Thank you so... much for your beautiful words on my blog yesterday (my dad's bday). My heart goes to you too- we are the lucky ones to have such special men in our lives and hearts.

Jersey Girl in DC said...

Ooooh, I love the paintings and that dress! I'm checking out this giveaway... I really love that painting!

Is it raining there? It's a dreary, awful day here in DC :(

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Girl, you better rush out and go get that dress while they still have it in your size. You won't be sorry if you do! :-)

Will try to stop by the other blog later. I'm making my daily rounds and am late doing it. Had to go to the dentist (mine is a sweetheart), and that kind of set me back getting things done.

Have a good one,

Sheila... who says GO GET THAT DRESS!

Diane said...

oh thank you so very much... you posted 3 of my paintings... being an artist is is always hard to get the word out so thank you...

Ms. Tee said...

Her paintings are beautiful. I *love* watercolors. I'll have to go over and enter - thank you for sharing this!

About the pumpkin bread - you are so right - it sounds so much better to say I ate 3 slices of bread instead of cake! And the first thing I noticed was the amount of sugar, but surprisingly, the *bread* itself isn't that sugary.

That dress is so cute - you should soooo get it! :)

heidi said...

Love the dress painting! Makes me wanna prance around in my wedding gown. (it doesn't have to actually zip all the way up, right?)

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

phew that dress has your name allover it lol! love it and would love those legs ;-)

those paintings are gorgeous, the first one I would like here which is unusual for me, there is not much art I like


pve design said...

makes me want a new "party dress"

Rue said...

Hi Laura :)

Those paintings are beautiful and so ethereal... love them!

Cute dress! Are you gonna get it??

Oh and thank you for singing Happy Birthday to me ;)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I'm back to ask you the same question again, Laura. Are you gonna get it? Huh? Huh?

You better!


Sheila... who figured out how to put a little thingy next to her name and is inching her way toward a blog! ;-)

Linda Lou said...

I love that dress, would really like it in black-coz i carry the weight in the tushy, and have to look as slim as I can...what beautiful paintings....I will go check out her blog. said...

The dress painting is very nice. How it is flowing is stunning. I love dresses, just not on me.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Love these. I'm off to check out her blog. Thanks! :)

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Stunning paintings - I'll pop by asap...
Thanks for sharing, this is beautiful post..:)

Anonymous said...

love them!Those paintings are beautiful and so ethereal