August 06, 2008

Today, I will be happy.

I wish this picture were a bit sharper but it conveys my feelings precisely. Plus, I'm feeling a bit fuzzy myself today so all more the apropos.

Wow...thanks to so many people for stopping by my tent tour via
Hooked on Houses'! I really didn't expect so many visitors, nor the amazingly kind words about my tour. Fascinating stuff, right? I thought I'd lose everyone with the history lesson (if you're new to my blog, I'm a woman of *many* words, and I can't seem to help it), but was pleased to see how many people hung in there. I swear, at one point I felt like I was back in school writing a thesis or something!

Your way-too-kind comments have really made my day (week! year!). I said to the mister last night that I thought I should start a blog for work. You know, where colleagues could leave comments and say nice things about me. So I would feel better about myself and like my job more. Things like:

"Amazing job with that business plan outline, Laura! was so creative!"


"LOL...that direct mail piece with the fireworks photo was HILARIOUS! Good work!"

Wouldn't that be cool? (Except for the fact that some of the people I work with are not-so-nice, and say not-so-nice things about my projects. Behind my back. It's like being in high school all over again. Lucky me! But, as usual, I digress...)

So a big, fat blog hug from me to all of you who stopped by, left comments, and/or enjoyed the tents. For those of you who fancy online tours, tomorrow
Southern Hospitality is hosting a "Favorite Thrift Store Find" hootenanny, and God knows I've got the goods to participate in that one. I'm hoping to pick myself up by the bootstraps and pull a post together tonight, but be sure to stop by Southern Hospitality to check it out.

And if you like the french fry poster above, check out Studio Mela's Etsy store. She has fantastic, high quality signed and numbered prints made from her original designs, like the "I Love Your Eggbeaters" print I own and
mentioned the other day:

And other motivational mantras like these:


Jersey Girl in DC said...

I love this posting! Thanks for sharing happy thoughts and another great Etsy shop. I love the waves image! :)

j.cro said...

dontcha just LOVE etsy? it's the best possible internet vortex. screw myspace and facebook when you have etsy!
and here's a big hug back to you my blue friend. only one more day for you until your weekend, lucky duck!

remember - you can do this with ease. just keep saying that over and over

Hooked on Houses said...

I love these posters! And I love your idea of having a work blog. I definitely think we'd all be more motivated in our jobs if we got comments and compliments like that after each project.

Thanks for participating in the blog party. Everyone went crazy over your tents! You deserved all the nice comments and blog love.

I wonder how you're going to top that in the next house tour extravaganza? Better start thinkin'! -Julia ;-)

Jen r. said...

I hope every day is happy! I am letting everyone know my blog address has changed slightly... I enjoyed your tent tour..Those are nicer than my house ;) Jen R

Abbreviated said...

Julia's HoH blog tour was the biggest comment day for my blog this year.

please sir said...

I SO FEEL yu! Great idea about the work blog, except for those not-so-nice people. I hate how it is still high alsmost feels worse now with the gossip. How is that possible? I feel like some people are mad and empty, and use that to fill their lives. It is so toxic, and I hate being around it...and you can't help but be involved in co-workers coming over to tell you alll about it. Why me I think? I'm ranting...sorry. But I know exactly how you feel - I keep wondering if there is a better work environment? There has to be!

Bella said...

Haha, that's funny about the work blog!

That Open House was fun, I did one, too...I loved your tent city post, I showed to my dh last night, he was pretty fascinated by it all as well...would love to see a show on tv about it or a documentary...would be so cool ;)

Or the Travel Channel could send Anthony Bourdain there, but not tell him where he his show ;)

I am participating in the fun tomorrow, too, see you then :)

PS: I love etsy, I will check out your friends site right now.

Lauren said...

I adore your blog! We also have a house at the Jersey shore, not nearly as wonderful as yours. Actually, ours needs tons, tons, tons of work. So I read your lovely blog everyday for inspiration and ideas. said...

I love the french fry art, we have a picture somewhere of a bunch of birds with french fries (Disney World fast food place...) that is hysterical.

I know what you mean about work -- it is such a mindf&$%.

Michelle and Winston the Westie said...

I really love these sayings- especially the "waves/love" one--- living near the beach- this rings true! I am sharing it with my hubby tonight... ;)

FancyPants-design said...

great prints!! :)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I have to respond to everyone today. Yesterday was such a bloggy whirlwind and I can't believe you're coming back for more. :-)

Jersey Girl: Happy to share. With a Jersey Girl especially!

j.cro: awwww....I feel better already! In fairness, maybe it was the margarita, too. LOL.

Julia: OMG are you kidding me? I'm exhausted just thinking about that. :-)

Jen. R.: Check! And welcome back to blog land. Everyone: Check out her blog! She does amazing things with furniture.

Abbreviated: Me too! I feel like a rock star!

Please sir: Do I sense that I've touched a nerve? Hahaha. I couldn't help but laugh at your comment...and TOTALLY feel your pain, sista.

Bella: Bourdain would be fabulous!! He'd have no idea where he was. Tonight my mom told me she *thinks* she saw something on TV on the tents years ago. I'd love to see them on Travel Channel or HGTV.

Lauren: You are wayyyyyyyyyy too kind! It photogrpahs well...even the sketchy parts. ;-) Thanks for stopping by and I hope I've given you some tips on local shopping haunts!

iloveupstate: Thanks for the link love yesterday! Now I want to do a tour of gypsy caravans.

michelle: I heart the waves. I wish it were a card...I'd be all over it!

fancy pants: Eggbeaters is very cool in person. And I am still getting over that Ikea rocker on your blog. Want it!

Anonymous said...

Great post!! I love everything about it-and you make me laugh yet again. :)

Victoria said...

I love all your signs! I also got a kick out of your "best" thrift find (the puppy).

Thanks for stopping by Christina's & my blog today.


Fifi Flowers said...

I love the first one the bird and a French fry... VERY cute!
THANK YOU for the postcard... it's FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fifi Maegan said...

those are so sweet. i love them.

Laura said...

Wow you have been a busy blogging bee these days!!! Love the prints!