August 01, 2008

Farm Fresh Frames

I was so excited when I opened my big box of Etsy love this morning, shipped to me direct from the farm...Good Intent Farm in Wilmington, North Carolina:

I ordered these handcrafted frames from the Etsy store Farm Frames. Owner Ashleigh handcrafts them from reclaimed, salvaged wood from old area houses. And now that I see these frames in person, I can tell you this is upcycling at its best! They are more beautiful than I expected, and Ashleigh gets extra points for what may be the best wrapped shipping box I’ve even seen in my life! Well done, Ashleigh.

Check out the patina of the original paint up close:

The blue frame is like a robin’s egg blue and it is fabulous.

I originally bought these for some of the photos I’ve been taking of the old beachside architecture around here. I thought the peeling paint would complement the crumbling facades that would be housed within the frames, like the old Asbury Park casino shot:

But now that I see them, there’s a plethora of options -- like this “I Love Your Eggbeaters” print I also bought at Etsy a couple of months ago from Studio Mela (yet another amazing shop) that’s still awaiting a frame:

And old family photos, like my grandma in Liverpool circa 1910, would look kind of cool in these unexpected frames (I’m so used to just framing black and whites…in black and white).

Then, there’s always vintage postcards (which I have many of) like this
Miami one in the Farm Frames store (just $14.99 for the frame and postcard):

Hmmm….decisions, decisions.

And when you stop by Farm Frames’ Etsy store (which I highly recommend) try to tear yourself away from the beautiful (and well priced) frames long enough to have a look at the other vintage gems in her store,
like this old shoe jack and molds for $4.99! (Please someone go snap this up.):

Or, this
lot of silver plate and pewter for $4.99:

Happy shopping!


please sir said...

WOW - love those frames and that kitchen print is surely a hit!

Jersey Girl in DC said...

Laura, I've been looking for frames like these to add to one I already have! Thank you for sharing!! I'm going to check out the Etsy shop where you bought them. Have a great weekend - Jennifer

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Please Sir -- she has a newer "french fry" print that I think I need. To hang at my desk at work. ;-)

Jersey Girl -- they will look amazing in your beachy home!! They really are even better in person. The frames that are marked "blue" are bluer than they appear in the photos -- in a good way! The color is just lovely. And...all the texture! Note, they are "wall hangers" only - you'd need to add something if you wanted to make them stand.

Gretchen said...

The frames are just beautiful. Thanks for the tip on where to get them. I love that they are recycled.


Bella said...

I love etsy and I love-love the Vintage section at etsy!

I am going to bookmark this seller, thanks:)

Your frames and pics are really nice :)


Rue said...

Hi Laura :)

Look at all the cuteness!! LOVE the frames and all the choices are soooo cute :)

Oh and I have no idea why the i is missing LOL


sarah @ a beach cottage said...

just what I'm looking for, love them and the 1910 Liverpool picture to die for

gotta love Etsy g

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Wasn't my grammy a cutie? ;-)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Great finds, I forget about Etsy, I need to get in the habit of checking there for things. Everyone finds the best stuff!

Happy happy weekend!


Laura B. said...

LOVE the frames and your art selections!

pve design said...

If you like frames, then you must see mrrdesigns-
She has great fabric covered frames. I love to mix them - new and old!
Love your farm fresh finds!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

I love those frames! (Isn't Etsy great?) I especially like the one of your grandma as a child in the blue husband and I also have childhood pictures of our parents and grandparents, that would look great in unique frames like that! I'll have to check the store out for myself! :) Thanks for sharing!

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks so much for stopping by my blog for a visit, and for your sweet comment! :)

Marie Louise said...

I love getting packages delivered. Great frames - I'll have to get to etsy and do some ordering!

Hooked on Houses said...

These frames are great. I like the black and white photo in them which is, as you said, kind of fresh looking and unexpected. -Julia

Linda Lou said...

I really like those frames-my favorite is the blue-i am gonna check out that site NOW!!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi there. This is my first time here and love your style. Enjoyed your blog. cherry

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I found you by the comment you posted on Cherries Jubilee, I am hooked and will be back for many more visits. Love the bike and the picture of it is great. I bought some candle holders for that exact same project yours is great, and what kind of glue do you use to attache the glass? I've gone to read some more.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Thank you everyone for the kinds comments on my frames (I heart them, too) and welcome to the new visitors! So nice to "meet" new folks here at the shore house. :-)

Empty nest -- I used "epoxy glue." I bought it at an arts & crafts store but regular hardware stores have, too. It's perfect for this project -- it's "clear and goopy" so gives you some substance to work with, and creates a waterproof bond. SO easy!

One Woman's Cottage Life said...

What sweet frames, Laura!!! I love those - I'll have to check out that shop!

I totally haven't forgotten about your belt...I'm so sorry! Ugh! I will get that to you - thank you for being so patient!!!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

OWCL -- don't worry about the belt! No rush...It's not a belt emergency by any means.(I should be so lucky to have such an emergency, like being so skinny I needed a belt - STAT- to hold things in place. :-)