August 18, 2008


Not hilarious to them maybe, but to me. Here's the infraction in question:

It's the door to a home that's above Ocean Grove's popular Day's Ice Cream. (So believe me when I say this sign got a lot of eyeballs on a sunny summer weekend!) While all of Ocean Grove is deemed historic, the Herr family (who apparently own the building) may have higher standards to adhere to than "regular" homeowners since their home is physically connected to a commercial business. (I suspect the rules and regulations are a bit more stringent for commercial buildings.) I hate to side with "the man" here, but I think I'd prefer the look of a frosted glass window. But I still think it's a bit much to make them change the glass?


Claire, said...

I think that glass is so tacky. I hope they do like the new glass they have to get. Frosted would be nice.
This notice could be sent to passive aggressive notes dot com
Funny, funny.

sarah @ a beachcottage said...

so funny, love their sarcasm

Mrs. Limestone said...

Im not sure why they think that looks Victorian but Ive never seen anything like in a setting other than Home Depot :)

Im sure it sucks to have to change it out but the rules are there for good reason.

a day in the life of bella said...

Aw, it looks nice, can't believe they have to change it out. Their sign is too funny! :)

Hooked on Houses said...

Well, at least the Herr family is happy to fix it. (ha) What a great sign. I feel sorry for them. They're probably really proud of that window. -Julia

Pat said...

Oh boy -- the pain of the needing to follow rules and regulations when your property is deemed "historic"!

I just gave you a friendship award on my blog, Laura, under the post "Catching Up" Please pick it up when you have a chance.

Anonymous said...

What a shame, but here is something that will help... check the building codes in your area because it is against the law to place single strength glass in a door or entry, commercial or residential, it has to be tempered safety glass in or around any door as well as any other glass within so many feet of any doorway.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Claire...OMG I love passive aggressive notes dot com! Thanks for sending me the link. I think I need to send this over to them.

I agree -- you buy in a historic district and you agree to certain rules...But I have seem some sketchy doors in town (and paint colors, siding, etc.) so I wonder why the Herrs were singled out?

Shabby bring up an excellent point that makes me wonder if there are two sides to this story. I wonder -- especially because it's attached to a commercial bldg. (even though the door goes to their apt. above) -- if the door is not to code (and not just a "thumbs down" from the township on design).

All that said...we also all got letters in the mail about inappropriate front yard garden plants (?!?) so it could just be the Historical Society going a little overboard. Wonder how they feel about the corn growing in my front yard...

And, Pat! I am running over to your blog right now. :-) Many, many thanks.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Laura,
That sign is funny. Loved your story too! You have a great blog. I'm adding you to my list...don't know why I've missed you before!

Rue said...

Good morning Laura :)

I agree and would rather see frosted glass, but the note is funny LOL

LOL to one of the comments.....Home depot?? hehhehehehehe......

rue :)

Tina said...

Hello, I visit your blog daily and thought I'd just let you know that you've been awarded the "I Love Your Blog" Award,
check out my blog and see

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I need to show this to J. Our town, recently, designated an historic area, that is fairly large for our small town. I first heard snippets of ill winds while sitting in the hair salon. You know, that is the best place for finding out small town news! I mentioned to J I didn't quite catch the drift of what happening, but it sounded like something was going on in town. We do not live inside the city limits, but I think a visit to a town meeting might be interesting. Anyhow, there is a brou-haha brewing, here. The tiny weekly paper is full of news. I think we might be in for an interesting Autumn!

I love your new cabinet, it looks like it was meant for your home! It's beautiful!

Laura B. said...

I agree with Mrs. Limestone when she says Home Depot looks the source of that glass - stinks to have to change it as I'm sure it cost them some loot!

j.cro said...

Ask around about the people that built a small retaining wall around their place and what the historical society made them do with it.

I understand the need to adhere to certain standards but if you're trying to beautify your property I think one should have a little leeway, particularly since they're obviously trying to make it better, not worse.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

diane -- thank you for coming by and for your kind words and for making my little ol' blog a stop. :-)

rue -- I'd prefer frosted, too. Especially since it's adjacent to the ice cream shop -- sort of fits right in. I should have taken a picture of the whole building for "frame of reference." This weekend!

tina -- oh my goodness!!! I am very, very honored. I frequent your "online home" too, so thank you.

pat -- this line may be one of my favorites ever: "I first heard snippets of ill winds while sitting in the hair salon." Ever! :-) I'm glad you like my cabinet...I pretty much stared at it all weekend with smile on my face.

laura – I’m hoping your home improvement projects are coming along! I know you had some, er, “issues” you were sorting through!

j. cro. – oh. That’s not good! I have to try and see if I kept the letter about “suggested” garden plants. What a hoot. (That seemingly everyone in town ignored.)

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