July 01, 2008


For the first time, I'm taking a crack at planting seeds. Actually, strike that: My first and only other attempt was when I was 6-years-old and Mrs. Biscoglio, my Brownie troop leader, had us plant seeds in egg cartons for our moms. I don't think mom actually got to see the fruits (or, flowers) of my labor. I’m pretty sure my carton garden yielded nada -- and if I'm not mistaken, drew carpenter ants to our kitchen windowsill.

We had a seriously cold spring here that catapulted immediately into an unbearably warm and humid summer, so I couldn’t even plant my seeds until a couple of weeks ago. And now I fear the blazing hot sun will dry roast my sunflower seeds. I should add a little salt so at least the squirrels will have a yummy snack.

Along with sunflowers and morning glories, I’m planting (or attempting to plant) corn. Kind of just for the shock value. I think it will be a hoot and a half if corn stalks start to sprout out inches from the street. (“Honey, stop the car! Is that corn growing out of the sidewalk crack?!”) I’ve mentioned before that the houses here are built practically on top of each other, likely because back in the day our town was strictly summer residences so I’m sure the “no fuss, no muss” factor was in effect, as was the lets-see-how-many-city-folk-we-can-jam-together factor.

I really want a garden, so I’ve worked our micro-acreage for all it's worth, planting a smorgasbord of perennials in the tiny space between our porch and sidewalk and complementing that with containers wherever I could fit. As for the seed projects, I’m most excited by the sunflowers, which are showing signs of progress:

Isn’t it cute how the sproutlings have little seed helmets?!

(What can I say. I’m a city girl, so these small miracles of nature shock and delight me as if I were that 6-year-old again, back in my Peter-Pan-collared Brownie uniform eagerly watching my egg carton. Waiting. And waiting.)

Some of the other stuff I may have accidentally pulled up. I thought they were weeds. Oops. But I’ve IDd what I think is corn, so I’m going to try to resist my Type-A urge to yank the rest of little green weed-like objects out of the ground. And since I’m not exactly holding my breath for a bumper crop of blooms, I bought sunflowers at the Asbury Park Farmer’s Market on Saturday and put them in my fancy new sap bucket:


Ahhh…Instant gratification!


please sir said...

Oh this looks fun! I've always had trouble with seeds - I'm excited to see yours grow!

Hooked on Houses said...

These sunflowers are just gorgeous. Makes me want some. We used to grow them at our old house, but we're on a wooded lot here with limited amounts of sun.

My husband is determined to have a vegetable garden, despite our lack of yard or sun. So far we've gotten one strawberry the size of a dime and a "baby" green pepper. We'll see if anything else shows up...

I just realized that your blog is ShoreHOUSE Chic, and that I put you on my blogroll as Shore Chic. Many apologies. I've fixed it! -Julia :-)

Susie Harris said...

Thank you for stopping by. Now I have found you too! I have always wanted a garden. I just have to convence my husban that he wants one too..hehe.. Nice to meet you, Susie H~

Jen r. said...

Ahhhh..good for you for putting doown some roots..;) I love putting in my garden and seeing what comes up! For real gratification do either beans or radishes.. fast and easy! Thansk for stopping by for a visit. I love a good bargain too!!!I am off to look around your blog! :) Jen R

Aimee "Roo" said...

Sunflowers are just so happy! And I hope that your corn totally grows and actually makes ears. That would rock!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Hey ladies...thanks all for stopping in and checking out my little "science project." Update: Corn is looking good! Some of the bigger ones are up to about 5". I think I may get an ear or two.