June 20, 2008


Well, I left my digital camera cords at our apartment (I hope!) which is a bummer. I catch up on blogging on Fridays and had pictures to download from this past week. And, new ones I took this morning -- like the seeds germinating on my kitchen counter (wish me luck with this one – I’m no gardener!) and the wisteria that apparently tried to swallow our house in our absence last week (I was on the porch singing Little Shop of Horrors last night. Audrey II's got nothing on our little horticultural monster in residence.). So I'm taking my photo-free opportunity to finally respond to Laura B's tag.

Incidentally, I “met” Laura through these here internets and she has a great blog that chronicles her home renovation projects, and showcases her amazing, stunning (insert any adjective of high praise) photography. From family sessions to weddings, she approaches her subjects like little mini documentaries and I just love how her photojournalistic style lets the real people shine through. And look fabulous in every frame, I might add. Check out shoot-scoop when you get a chance.

Right: Back to the tag. For those of you new to the world of blogging like me, a tag is a friendly game amongst bloggers to get to know each other; you pass along the tag and your little circle keeps growing. Thankfully the questions I’ve been tagged with are short and somewhat easy to answer. Thinking is just so difficult lately!

Where were you 10 years ago? Ten years ago I was working for Rupert Murdoch's (insert audible gasp here) then-fledgling dot-com properties as public relations manager. I met a lot of great, fun, smart people (one who's about to be tagged) and it was still during the high-energy dot-com start-up days which was interesting to be a part of (unfortunately, I was/am not a dot-com millionaire...on paper, or otherwise.). That said, the Los Angeles boys came-a-knockin' when they realized they could "Hollywoodify" (word?) the Fox and TV Guide online properties. My new boss (who, incidentally, we called “Hollywood.” Just not to his face.) clearly wasn’t a fan of mine: I was, well, plain and normal. It quickly became obvious to me he was about to trade me in for the workplace equivalent of a trophy wife, so I reckon ten years ago today I was looking for a job!

Five items on your to do list today? I wish I had five! But here's what I hope to do by 2:00:
1. Edit 2,300 person marketing list mail database for work (Done! Ugh. Is it too early to have a cocktail?!)
2. Pull weeds and germinate seeds (Check! Check!)
3. Buy bigger planters for herbs that are busting out of existing pots (So exciting!)
4. Call furniture store in Bradley Beach to see if our new porch rocking chairs are in. Scratch that, go in person – I seem to have problems communicating via phone with furniture stores so why risk it!
5. Do laundry (do I have to?)

Snacks I enjoy: I love, love guacamole, particularly when we make it at home (which is often). And pretty much any baked product gets me going. Not the boxed or bagged mass-produced stuff – I need the real deal. M. and I are currently big fans of the baby cakes at The Baker Boys. They're mini carrot cakes with a cream cheese/marscapone frosting that is OUT of this world. Baby cakes are enough for two people to share with a little something-something leftover for later. And unfortunately for my butt, The Baker Boys is steps from our house.

What would you do if you were a billionaire? My initial inclination is to just say, “anything I want!” Well, for starters I’d quit my job then call my brother and tell him to quit his (the man of the house actually likes his job – he owns his own business – so I’d “simply” finance his company for him.). I’d definitely give a large stash to small, local charities – especially Hudson Cradle (where I've volunteered for years) and Liberty Humane Society (where the other lady of the house, Princess Margaret Rose -- or, as she’s known more informally, Maggie -- came from). I’d certainly travel a LOT (but interestingly, I don’t think I’d buy a lot of homes. Who needs the worry. I’ll rent.). My brother and I would open a large cafĂ©/antique store/art gallery/live music emporium somewhere in our current neck of the woods…like in an old bank building or something…where all of our friends and local folk could exhibit their work, and musicians could play long sets not limited to the four song/20 minute set bar managers typically give bands these days. We’d hire our friends, and have a great time. Doesn’t sound like a particularly sage business model, right? Who cares! I’m a billionaire!! Woo hoo!!!

Places I would live: I’m with Laura B. – East Coast all the way. I’ve had the opportunity to move and have always chickened out. But as I grow up (maybe not “grow up” so much as get older :-) I realize maybe it wasn’t cold feet at all. I heart New York (and New Jersey now, too). But if money were no object, I’d be tempted to set up a “base of operations” on the island of St. John.

Bloggers I'm tagging. Tag – you’re it!! OK, OK, I know I took the easy way out here. But this post is so darn long (you can thank my missing camera cable for that) you’ve probably not even made it this far. If you have, and you’re one of the folks who generously reads my blog like j. cro, nesting instincts, please sir, the laundry is never finished or hooked on houses, please play along!


Hooked on Houses said...

I loved reading your answers to these questions! I was so surprised to get to the end and see you tagged me. That's so fun. Thanks!

I actually got tagged for this one awhile back, so I'll just give you the link to the answers I gave then if you want to see them (disclaimer: I'm not nearly as thoughtful or creative with mine as you were with yours!):


Thanks again! I always enjoy popping over here to see what you're up to. -Julia :-)

Hooked on Houses said...

Hmmm. That link was too long, I guess, so it got cut off. Trying again:


Laura @ Shorehouse Chic. said...

I'm very impressed you even got to my tag! Wow, did I have a lot to say today.

I also clicked through to your link -- and quickly realized I actually read your tag already! Ugh! Maybe I should have added "take long nap" to my "to do" list. I'm losing brain cells, I swear...

Anonymous said...

I'm honored! My first tag, yay! :) I can't wait to get to it. :-)

j.cro said...

Oh goodness.... I've been tagged.
Do I write my responses on my own blog? How does this work.
Please school me sensai.

Laura @ Shorehouse Chic. said...

Oh, j. cro...You did a splendid job, my student of the blog (I saw your post before I saw your comment here).
--Sensai Shorehouse.

j.cro said...

(bows to the sensai in thanks)tt

Laura B. said...

Thanks for the shout out and the compliments. Great Tag response :-)

I should take lessons.