May 28, 2008

Run, don't walk.

The Ocean Grove Giant Spring Flea Market is this Saturday.

If you are remotely within travelling distance of this extravaganza of flea, consider a road trip. The NJ Transit train to Asbury Park gets you within walking distance...and spares you from trying to park (no lots; all street parking. And it's a touristy beach town on a down day, so it's a nightmare Giant Market day.).

As with all shows of this type, it's a bit hit or miss. My guess is there will be more than one "peddler o' the tube socks" and a fair smattering of crap in the mix. But last year I got this little teak table at the second vendor I stopped at for $15.

The guy wanted to unload it because one of the legs was "gnawed by a small animal of some kind" (his words). I told him he should have said, "it's got interesting patina." Patina's a good, trendy buzz word to use for things like peeling paint and unremovable stains, so why not use it to describe a little animal nibble? In any case, his lack of HGTV vocabulary was my gain. I love this little table, and I got it before Shore Chic came to be! So now it's got a happy home two blocks away from where I bought it (and not shoved in to a corner in my apartment).

I'm also told by my friend in Bradley Beach (the next town over) that it's Town Wide Yard Sale the same day in her happy hamlet. shopping day. Need to rest up...


Courtney said...

I'm drooling. We just don't have good flea markets in Oregon. wish I was there!!

diana @ please sir said...

OHH...wish I could go! Looks fun!

j.cro said...

They, you know THEY, are forecasting rain for tomorrow. I think that pushes the town-wide yard sale to Sunday instead. I'm not 100% certain. You can probably find out by checking out

If it rains, that means I might not be putting out the furniture. I'll have to see... and if that's the case, that means more time for hanging out and having fun rather than dealing with the masses.