May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

We dressed up our dear old house for the holiday by giving her some fancy bunting trim.

And, wow -- I think all that complaining and putting up with bad weather has paid off. We were rewarded with a beautiful weekend. We fired up our new grill and spent time with friends, which was a treat (the weekend was almost project-free! Though we did make it to Pottery Barn to buy that table I mentioned in my last post. It will be here next week. Huzzah! Oh, and we hacked down another spooky half-dead tree.).

We just got back from the little Memorial Day parade that ran through Ocean Grove. I love that we've landed in this little Rockwellian town.

Take time to remember what the holiday is all about by remembering the veterans who gave all for us, and by thanking and honoring those among us who have done so much.

4 comments: said...

Nice of you Yankees to remember the vets.

My dad is a PhilAm veteran, indeed! He used to remind us to pay respect this day, even when we're in the Philippines.

Have a nice day ahead!

greetings from Stockholm,

diana @ please sir said...

Looks so wonderful - like something you would see in a magazine!

Courtney said...

your house and porch are sooo sweet! love that photo. thanks for the reminder for Memorial Day, too.

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by, chie! (my dad was a vet, too...but Viet Nam. So much respect I have.)

Diana & Courtney -- thanks for your kind words about my old girl! If it were in a magazine maybe they'd photoshop out the bars on the door and the 2 x 6 above it for me. :-) We're working on that...You have no idea how much a storm door of that size costs!!