April 26, 2008

Office Space

Our smallest room will be used as an office. The room came with some very dark, super knotty wood paneling that we knew would not be long for this world:

But we were petrified thinking about what could be lurking behind the panels, so decided painting would be our best (and cheapest) option. I found this picture in Cottage Living of Fishers Home Furnishings in Sag Harbor, NY, and thought it was a good direction to go in:

(Sorry for the poor quality. Page is a bit tattered from joining me on a few shopping trips!)

So we painted the room white, and here’s what we’ve got so far:

The paint looks OK in these pictures, but it’s not quite right. The wood was so dark and the paint so white (we simply used leftover ceiling paint to “experiment” with) that there’s a blue, almost fluorescent, hue from the dark paneling showing through. We were kind of going for a weathered driftwood look, so may try to touch it up or wash it with a paint that has a slight gray tone to it.

The loveseat we’re stuck with. And I mean stuck with quite literally. We wanted a sturdy loveseat-sized sleeper and while initially this fit the bill, we weren’t totally crazy about it once it was delivered. But it took four men (including M.) and an extraordinary amount of energy and shoving to get it past our narrow stairway landing, and through an even narrower door. So the loveseat stays. Like, forever. I can fix it up with some pillows.

In lieu of a desk we’re going to use a simple dining table. It’s cost effective, and the larger surface room will be better for us to spread out work or craft projects (the latter of which would be mine. I think if I came home to M. crafting I’d plotz.).

The little vintage looking fan was a $14 fabulous find at
Lowe’s. Who knew I could find such exciting tchotchke amidst plumbing parts and weed whackers? While there, we also scored a $99 black-framed wall mirror.

The lamp table was in a closet in my aunt and uncle’s house, and if I’m not mistaken was originally in my uncle’s (long gone) bachelor pad living room. I love it! I need to find a white drum shade and haven’t had any luck yet. We also aren’t sure what to do for window coverings. Textured woven blinds? White wood blinds? Sailcloth curtain panels?

I picked up a pair of sailboat prints for $30 each from
Home Goods that will help with the quasi-nautical theme. (Well, I guess it’s not a quasi theme anymore if those prints are going up.) I’m also thinking the oversized art and mirror will help us cover up the paneling so we don’t need to worry about the paint job as much.

Speaking of oversized art, I spotted a vintage school roller map at an antique shop the other week for $50. I gave it some thought (I think it would fit on the one windowless wall behind the desk) and went back last weekend. They had just lent it to one of their vendors to use for staging a condo he’s selling. I put my real estate stalking skills to work to find the
listing so I could see what the map looked like unrolled and hanging on wall.

I really, really hope he sells his condo soon.

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j.cro said...

As much as I hate to admit this, I would recommend Ikea in regards to lamp shades and window coverings. They actually have some pretty nice stuff and it's not all that expensive. They also have lovely frames for rather cheap too. And you can avoid the particle board!!

That map looks SO rad and foor your sake, I hope that guy's condo sells soon too!

I can't wait to get over to you place and check things out. Hopefully soon.