March 07, 2011

Hope springs eternal. In the form of crocus.

For some reason, I insisted on ordering crocus bulbs this past fall. Maybe I had a inkling of what a LONG (emhasis on LONG) winter it would be, and how welcome their colorful little buds would be when the ground finally thawed.

I was so excited to wake up to the first of the crop this weekend.

Since spring was kind of, sort of in the air (or at least poking out of the front yard ground) I decided to head over to L.B. Forcellati & Sons in Wall, NJ -- a nursery and garden center with one incredible greenhouse. It's the perfect place to visit when you need a little sunshine and warmth in the middle of the cold season. My friends and I think they should set up tables and serve high tea. Just to us.

The orchids were amazing. I was definitely starting to feel spring was indeed in the air.

This bird of paradise plant had a sold sticker on it, and I'm dying to know where it's heading. Somewhere fancy for sure (maybe another greenhouse), since I can't imagine this plant handling the frosty Garden State winters.

And don't get me started about how much I wish one of these Meyer lemon trees could come home with me. And I wish you had smell-o-vision right now, because these little trees smelled fabulous.

I walked out feeling ready to take on the world! Until I realized I still had my ankle length parka, hat and gloves on. What do you do to get through the last days of winter? (Other than scream, which is something I'm strongly considering this year.)


Purple Flowers said...

You and I are of like minds. I also visit a couple of my favorite garden centers to take in the heady flower scents, and mist from the large green plants. I believe seeing alot of greenery helps one's spirits. Those Meyer lemon trees look beautiful!!

Loui♥ said...

Make that 3 like minds..
I too have a favorite Nursery where I go to get a bit of "Medicine for my Soul"..
They have allowed me to wander for hours, camera in hand,taking in the sights and aromas..
works wonders for me on those cold, gray/snowy wintery days..
I come home totally inspired and rejuvenated!
but when that no longer does the trick..I already have my bags packed and tickets purchased to go back "home" for two weeks..
the beach! yep..
I'll be in Florida,toes in the sand, toasting the sunset next week!!!!
at this particular moment, SNOW is falling...and I'm Florida dreaming!
warmest sandy hugs..

Ina in Alaska said...

Since winter in Alaska is a long haul, I usually take a few mini-trips out of the state for a break. Vegas, and even NJ. Although this year I did not leave. I have lots of friends and play tennis in two different tennis groups so it all works out. Or just get in the car and take a long drive, there is so much beauty here and it is always restorative.

The next time I am in NJ (Brick) I will definitely visit that nursery. We have a similar place in Anchorage, and it is within walking distance from my house, Bell's Nursery. They have not only plants, but extensive greenhouses, a gift shop with LOVELY things AND a coffee shop!!! Many tables set about. Very cozy. Many times a friend and I will head over to Bells's to browse and enjoy a cappuccino and biscotti and a long chat.

Love crocus! Winter is departing for sure when the crocus appear!!

Keetha Broyles said...

I do so love to see crocuses pushing their little buds up out of the soil! We still have tons of snow on the ground - - - no crocuses around here yet.

Karena said...

So wonderful to see the 1st signs of spring. We are all so ready!!

Art by Karena

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Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'm also looking forward to Spring! I'd love to have a Meyer lemon tree! A friend went to CA a couple of weeks ago and brought back a bag full of lemons from her daughter's tree for me.

Joyce said...

Yahoo... the sleepy heads are finally waking up. Now if only my bed hair would look as beautiful as these little corcus! xo

Rue said...

I love the little lemon trees and am so jealous that your crocus are starting to bloom! ;).

Jill Ann said...

Rutgers Floriculture Greenhouse in New Brunswick is pretty cool, too. The lead horticulturist there has a crazy collection of orchids.

Jill Ann said...
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Anonymous said...

Now this is truly a sight for sore eyes!!! When I went out to pick up the newpapers this morning my eyes set on a group of it wrong that it made me deliriously happy? Your pictures are so good that I could almost smell the flowers and feel the warmth. Great post and hope you are enjoying Mardi Gras today.
♥, Susan