March 01, 2010

Snowing, I mean Sewing Challenge

M. Avery Design Studios in Hoboken decided to host a sewing challenge that I just had to be a part of. And being that sewing is very much a challenge for perfect!

Megan recently acquired a large lot of upholstery fabric samples. And by large lot I mean enough to cover New York's Central Park many, many times over. She invited members of her Meet Up group to come pick out one pound of fabric scraps. The $10 entry fee would be used to set-up a scholarship at the sewing studio for a young and deserving local lass. Great idea!

For the project you must use only the pound of fabric you grabbed. I had an idea in mind so grabbed Damask fabric from the same style/design group:

I also grabbed these little Asian inspired panels because they fit into my one pound pile. I'll make a separate project out of those...I'm thinking lavender sachets since the pieces are smaller.

The other, and somewhat unexpected, part of the challenge was this:

Waking up to yet another snow storm in the city and needing desperately to get to my Singer at the shorehouse to complete the sewing challenge in time for this Wednesday night.

Cool heads and excellent shoveling skills prevailed. I spent a good deal of the weekend cutting and piecing together and sewing. Here's a sneak peek of what I'll be entering:

The contest is Wednesday night so I'll show you my project in all of its (somewhat pathetic) glory after the competition has ended. Let's just say that I wish I didn't use Damask. Shredded, hairy mess.

I also want to thank all of your kind comments on my Help for Haiti 2 post! Wow. WOW. There aren't enough ways for me to say, "thank you." Sadly Chile now could also use some help so the winner can donate to Chili or Haiti, or split the donation between the two fund raising efforts.

Rue de la Clef has also pitched in some homemade goodness to the prize package:

Head over to the original post for more details, and thank you again for your generous bids and links.

As an aside, the lovely lady behind Rue de la Clef is also embarking on a month-long project to replicate Martha's calendar (yes; that Martha). Today's task was to feed the chickens and gather eggs. And it's only March 1 so this should be something.


Unknown said...

I look forward to seeing your completed project..

Been keeping up with all of you and that huge snow!

Spring has got to hurry!!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Laura, can't wait to see your finished project. I love your sewing projects. You do good work, both with the machine and for charity! :-)

Stay warm...



Purple Flowers said...

You are a very kind person in action and spirit.
Good luck w/your sewing project. I believe in you! Remember, it's not the destination, it's the journey.

modernemama said...

Martha only seems to feed the chickens once a month... what happens the rest of the time? Chicken pot pie?

Joyce said...

WOW you hit the jack pot! I so can't wait to see what you come up with my friend!

Have you visited Francesca's blog. She reminds me of you always creating wonderful things with your hands. Her blog is xo

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

I would love to have participate din a challenge like this...sounds like so much fun - and a worthy cause, too. Can't wait to see what you created!!

Victoria said...

Cant wait to see the finished project and I love your little heart sewing pins. So cute.

Rue said...

Laura! Thanks so much for the Blog-Shout out!!! :)

And, I can't wait to see the results of your sewing challenge! I love the asian inspired fabric that you grabbed!!!

heidi said...

Hey! That looks gorgeous so far... can't wait to see the finished piece! xoh

j.cro said...

Whatever you're stitching together looks so lovely! I hope you win the challenge!

And we're finally into March - the snow has to end sometime soon -right?

Sue said...

I can testify to the fact that the Kings Grant Farm Fluffy pancake mix is excellent....she just might put the IHOP out of business!

Linda Lou said...

You are a talented lady Laura, I bet your finished project will be beautiful, but heh, what else ya gonna do with that snow you have on the East Coast-so sorry its been such an awful winter for you!