July 25, 2008

Shopping at...Nest Home Garden & You

Spring Lake, NJ, is the one of the closest things the Jersey Shore has to the Hamptons. Minus the Long Island Expressway logjam, or six week-out dinner reservations. Which, if that’s your thing, is totally fine. But as usual, I digress…

Amidst the insanely beautiful clapboard houses and luscious hydrangeas in Spring Lake, you’ll find Nest Home Garden & You (1317 Third Avenue) -- a relative newcomer in this little seaside hamlet. As soon as I walked in the door I turned to my mom and said, “I could live here.”

There’s a well curated mix of old and new; a down stuffed chaise with a vintage melamine ice bucket and sterling mint julep glasses perched nearby would be right at home at Nest. And what I appreciate most is that there is something at every price point. If you wanted to make a serious investment in solid piece of furniture that would be with you forever (re: drop a lot of coin on a classic) you could. But, if you wanted to spend under $20 on a gift, you could do that, too. Like these lovely beaded tea light lanterns hanging from these branches for $12:

I would love this simple chair and ottoman for my living room. Compact and comfie, with carved dark wood legs:

I really wanted one of these buffet lamps ($70) for the “landing strip” table inside our front door:

The silvery-blue shade would be perfect against the Benjamin Moore Patriotic White on the walls, and I just loved the damask design on the shade.

But when I got home, I realized there's no outlet by the door. Alas.

I did scoop up this pair of wrapped canvas egg prints for only $22.

I was eyeballing the pair of seashell prints in the photo at the top of this post ($38 for the pair!) but I’ve been fearful of overdoing the whole “seashells by the seashore theme” thing. The egg prints are slightly smaller, so I'll easily find a home for them in the shore house.

Which is not to say I won’t go back to Nest for the seashell prints.


heidi said...

Those prints are faboo! Go back & get the shell prints, or it will haunt you. I know.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Isn't it amazing how things like that do haunt you?! :-)

please sir said...

Wow wow - great finds there!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

What a great place, I love all of that too. I have been wanting more seashell prints too, but don't won't to overdo it either. There are some nice ones out there.

Lovely place!


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I think I could live there, too. Love it! Hope you're having a good weekend. I'm starting to catch up on everything I missed while I was out of town. -Julia

Linda Lou said...

Love finding stores you could move into. Growing up on Long Island, my dream homes were in the Hamptons. I want Ina Garten's house (Barefoot Contessa )-in my dreams, of course!!

Anonymous said...

oh my ga, it looks so fab, I could live there with you, always loved that, you know the beachy show I go to looks soooooo fantastic but it is because there is soooooo much stuff and props in it, I'm like no wonder mine never looks like this, it's not a shop but it'd be great to live in there, just wouldn't' be able to eat or drink, cook, make a mess, ruffle up the bed by sleeping etc etc etc

yeah I an apprehensive of going over the top on the beachy thing but I thought stuff it and am seriously scouring round for some old oars, a vintage swimsuit (like the one you showed) and really any old beachy stuff, I am also in the throws of painting one of those weathered looking wooden 'beach' signs, seeing as I'm not prepared to pay the prices for them in the shop