September 08, 2009

The savvy shopper.

I took a little Monmouth County road trip with local lovely Susan that brought us to the ARC Thrift Store in Red Bank, NJ. I think I actually heard the big “50% OFF EVERYTHING” signs in the window calling our names as we pulled up.

It was pretty picked over (the sale was the whole month of August, and goes until September 12) but I guess that just makes the “game” a little more interesting and fun. While I did pass on the mug pictured above (though, if the mug fits...) I did find a couple of little treasures to add to the thrift collection.

At 50% off, the trio came to $1.70 before tax. Not bad, huh?

The hobnail milk glass is Fire King, and the little dish (you know what I’m doing with that) is Hutschenreuther. The challenge is removing the grease pencil that ARC uses to "brand" the pricing on with, especially if that something you've bought is glass.

One set of dishpan hands later, the little covered jar now houses my Hamilton King Ocean Grove Girl postcard. And a couple of shells I plucked from my neighbor’s post-yard sale trash.

While at the ARC Thrift I also spied a light fixture tucked high up on a shelf. We’ve been looking for a light for over the pool table, and while this wasn’t exactly what we were looking for I took a quick photo to see if it could work.

It had opaque glass, which was a big plus. The fixture that came with the house wasn’t our style, and had exposed bulbs that were more like interrogation devices than soft lighting for a friendly game of billiards. But in fairness the previous owners used the dining room to actually dine.

The next day, the man and I went back and picked up our new/old light fixture for $17.50. Score! More shockingly, we’ve already installed it.

While this new/old fixture isn’t necessarily 100% our style either, I do like the sort of fleur de lis motif that’s going on in that center contraption. It’s a perfectly suitable placeholder fixture.

And by “placeholder” I mean it will likely be years until we find something else.


svelteSTUFF said...

GOO GONE will get those pesky grease pen marks (and SHARPIE marks on china) off in a Flash!! Love me my Goo Gone!

Sue said...

You did score big...ofcourse I love the milkglass and I love what you did with the post card inside the jar....very creative you are!!
The light looks great over the pool table too....I heard about the upcoming visiting nurse sale and can't believe once again I will miss a good sale by only a few weeks....Not coing up until Oct. 3rd......have you visited the new blog yet...i though for sure you would have offered up a post by now....

Purple Flowers said...

You are a savvy shopper, kudos to you!

Frau said...

Love, love ,love Red Bank NJ! Great finds! I agree you are a Savvy Shopper!

Tina said...

Well aren't you the savvy shopper. Love the bottle with the postcard in it.


black eyed susans kitchen said...

We did have fun that day! The light fixture looks great, and your use of the glass jar is genius. Have you figured out your game plan for this Saturday?
♥, Susan

Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

Yes, Goo Gone is amazing. Even removes paint and nail polish from wood! I know this from when I tried it on a $1 garage sale find.

The sales up there look wonderful and what bargains you found!

Joyce said...

You are the best shopper!! I love all of your finds. If I lived near you I would be in so... much trouble between baking and shopping. smile... xoxo

j.cro said...

I know what you mean about placeholders... Have you seen my house lately? HAHAHAHHAHHA Nicely done on the finds.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You ARE a savy shopper Laura! I wish I could go shopping with you some day so you'd rub off on me!