April 26, 2009


...I'm very popular in the south.

I'm on a bit of an American road trip right now...so checking in with y'all (spoken like a true local) will be sporadic for another week. That said, The Daring Bakers wait for no (wo)man so I'm going to wow you with my skills (tongue firmly planted in cheek) once again this week.
Have a wonderful week!


Purple Flowers said...

Have fun as a "Daring Baker"

Joyce said...

Ahhhh.... Laura you are popular where ever you go my friend! Have a golden time and don't forget to take notes. xoxo

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Girl, if I had known you were heading to the Big Easy, I would have told you to look up my niece! She lives there and knows every good restaurant in the city and beyond!

Have fun!



abeachcittage said...

oh Laura you are just sooo popular...!

have fun on your trip


desiree said...

Have a great time! Look forward to posts when you return!


Linda Lou said...

Wherever the road leads you have a blast....and enjoy your balls!!