February 19, 2009

Happiness is...finding things in the trash.

Maybe it was having a weekday off in the middle of the winter, maybe it was my aggressive work schedule, maybe it's a combination of both. But something about Monday took me back to my younger days. I didn't shower. I stayed in my sweats all day. Totally forgot to eat. Never turned on the TV. And I picked something out of someone's trash.

Just in time to join in on
Bloggeritaville's Thrifty Thursday! How, well, thrifty of me!

"Roadside treasures" around my parts aren't as good as they used to be. Or, maybe it's my patience for finding them that's not as good as it used to be. Or my fear of
bed bugs. Regardless, on President's Day under the illumination of a street lamp, I found this frame:

I wasn't sure if should take it or not...Would it be ugly once I got it home? Did I need it?... but the little voice in my head said, "You MORON! Just take it!! Grab now, decide later!" Plus I was wearing my puffy full length coat, so no one would recognize me.

It was painted at some point -- it's worn out gold(ish) with some green:

I'm tempted to make it shiny black. And then do what with it, I have no idea.
There's a frame of the same size in our apartment ("shore house north") that I picked up at a yard sale a few years ago for $3 (I know the price because it's written on a piece of masking tape still on the back side) that simply rests atop the (flea market) secretary-turned-bar cart:

Not surprisingly there's tons of frame inspiration for me to look at online. Just off the top of my head there are the
fabulous frames used in Mrs. Limestone's newly renovated home office (her frames were also found on the street, so I feel a bit of a kindred spirit thing going on). And, there's a beautiful idea that I stumbled onto Monday night on Bonbon Oiseau...who was featuring the home of Lobster & Swan (or, as I think I prefer, Lobster & Swooooonnn...). You'll have to click through to see.

Speaking of my thrifty, if you take a close inside my secretary you'll see the tea caddy I picked up for a buck this summer...happily united with its friends coffee and sugar.

Three *is* a charm!


tam said...

LoL! That frame is a very good find! Way 2 go sister! Everyone needs a day like your Monday!
Hope you are having a wonderful week~Tam:D

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Laura,
Sounds like you had a fun day off! I love your frame! I have a secretary almost like the one in your pic!

margie said...

i love the tea caddy! hard to believe you managed to find the third piece. what good luck.

tardevil said...

Love the frame, the secretary & the tea, sugar & whatever the 3rd caddy was! :O) They're all wonderful finds. Also, like the idea of using it for a wet bar.

"J" said...

Hi!!!! I'm here thanks to Leigh and her Thrifty Thursday!!!!!!

Great Roadside treasures find!!!!
I love the ideas you showed!!!! My FAV was the fabulous frames used in Mrs. Limestone's newly renovated home office - the pegboard frame ROCKED!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!

I also love the inspiration board frame!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooooooooo very SWEET!!!!!!

Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for the ideas!!!!!


I'm off to HUNT (not deer hunt <--- the season is over) I'm off to HUNT for some Roadside treasure frames!!!!!!

Leigh said...

YOU did get a STEAL! Literally, what GREAT finds!
I would stagger the two frames leangin againt the wall. One on top of the other. LOve that.
That cane chair is worth a pretty penny if it is in good ocndition, which it looks to be! Great job!

And a buck for a tea caddy? I love the silver canister set!

What fun to come to Thrifty Thursday at the ShoreHouse! I KNEW you'd have some cool things! GREAT finds Laura!

Thanks for playing along!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Laura, We love days like that around here. Your thrifty finds are making me itch for yard sale weather...sigh...soon.
♥, Susan

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Those are some great thrifty finds, Laura! And woohoo for you for trash-picking. Ask me about the sofa that Mr. Magpie waltzed down the alley from a friend's trash pile. LOL! It had eight-way hand-tied coils, don't you know? But it looked like a giant sofa was standing on it's ear and moving down the alley at a snail's pace. It had hands, but you couldn't really see it's feet. The visuals on it were unforgetable. ;-)



The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, and that canister? Sweet!

You can use the frame somewhere, Laura. Find something interesting (not a painting, but some architetural fragment or interesting hook or something and mount the frame around it. No glass. Black sounds good, but the gold might work, too. Let your design muse be your guide...



ann said...

Funny story.I like the cream and sugar myself...Ann

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Free is even better than cheap! ;o)

Love the silver caddys!

please sir said...

You are so great - what a wonderful find in the trash!!

heidi said...

Am SO jelly of your caddy!!!!!!!

Lobster and swan said...

great find, here's to more of the same!

: )

jennifer said...

EXCELLENT garbage find! I do it too - you just can't beat free.

Food not included in the above statement :)

Suzy said...

Great frame..and of course you did the right thing in bringing it home! I seem to recall something similar at my house in my younger days.

Sue said...

Oh how I miss trash day in Jersey....we used to get the best stuff that people threw away....you just don't see that down South....

Keetha said...

I came over from Leigh's "party."

I ADORE your secretary.

If you like to pick up "junk" from roadsides, do you like that show "Junked" - - - it's on one of those DIY or somesuch channels.

Fifi Flowers said...

You are soooooooo RIGHT... I have found many a good things on the curb!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Nice finds! I always have my eyes on alert on trash day but no one has thrown out anything worthwhile for a long time.

How about putting a mirror or something painted with blackboard paint inside frame? Clean it up but leave it shabby.

Love the tea caddy too!

Joyce said...

You are the best bargain finder I know! Great treasures- I can't wait to see what you do with them. xoxo

desiree@lookiloos said...

Always take frames. Trust me you'll find a piece of art to go in it or the frame itself becomes a wonderful piece...good choice to grab it and go!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Oh my....yes - you would have kicked yourself not to grab that frame! We agree...not much out on the streets these days. We did score a wicker chair and a suitcase a couple of months ago...but there is pretty much broken junk {and we don't mean the nice junk!} that we've seen around of late.
Great blog! We've enjoyed visiting!
Karla & Karrie

pve design said...

I love that you admitted to finding happiness in the trash. In the city yesterday, I spotted a well dressed man - picking something out of the trash. He had a confidence about him. It takes a sort of confidence, or no shower to go there. I quite like that sort of thing too.
Great frame.

Renovation Therapy said...

oohhhh fun! paint it and them cover some cork or foam core with fabric and make a bulletin board.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, I love your frame & love to use them just propped too. Lucky girl, I would love to find some in the trash.

Linda Lou said...

Very cool frame--I used to have a secretary like that when I lived in Brooklyn, in my first apt. with my first husband! I need to do little trash to treasure finding myself this weekend!

Rue said...

Holy Smokes! I have that tea caddy set!! Look at my picks of the cabinet in the dining room :)

Weird, huh?

Spence and Jim's house..... TO. DIE. FOR!


Ms. Tee said...

You find the absolute best things! I wish I had your luck. ;) I'd paint the frame black, too - great find!

Weef! said...

I *love* the frame! And, I too, love to find trashpile treasures! I once dragged home doors off the street in NYC with the grand plans of making a folding screen... my then-boyfriend was humiliated (and I didn't even make him carry them!) needless to say that coupling didn't last long.

Also, your secretary is fab. I've been coveting my grandfather's for years with idea to paint it with red lacquer!

Love it!!