February 08, 2009

Edward Laverde is the best bus driver in the world.

I've mentioned being a tad stressed (and neglectful of the blog thing) from the day job. Well, it reached a fever pitch the other night. My mind was going in so many different directions that I left my pocketbook on the bus. My pocketbook -- with wallet, cell phone, USB drive, and the added bonus of my social security card because I needed to bring it to work to make a photocopy.

I'll pause to let you think about how completely freaked out I was.

My friends were picking me up at the bus stop and as soon as I realized my bubble-headed move, they took off like one of those storm chasers (thanks, Jay & Deb!) to try to catch the bus. No luck. Jay and I would jump out of the car and into the paths of oncoming buses in an attempt to see if they had a way to call their their dispatcher. These were New Jersey buses that travelled in and out of New York City...they should have sophisticated communications systems, right? Wrong. I kept calling my cell phone, hoping my ringing purse would be picked up by someone on the bus...Still no luck.

To make a VERY long story short, the last person I called from my cell phone was my mom. About an hour later she called my man to let him know that bus driver had my bag, called her, and left a phone number and directions to the lost and found office my bag would be at. The next day, I was reunited with my pocketbook and every last penny that was in it.

And that is why Edward Laverde is the best bus driver in the world.


So I chilled out this weekend to let my blood pressure settle back into an acceptable level. I popped into one of my favorite little haunts, Cottage by the Sea in Avon, NJ. They had some good loot, including these 1950s glass pitchers:

With 50% off, they were only $5 and $6 each. I really loved that one on the left with the blue and gold houses, but walked away (how about that? It's probably because my brain still isn't firing on all cylinders due to aforementioned purse panic). Our kitchen cabinets are filled with everything we could ever need, and more.

Speaking of kitchen, we got a new dishwasher. The old, black one that we inherited with the house had seen better days. Not totally evident from this picture:

But definitely evident from the rusted, bent and melted racks inside.

The new stainless model...

...has helped us complete our kitchen quasi-makeover. When we first moved in a full kitchen gut was on the to do list. But when I got down and dirty (literally) scrubbing the kitchen within an inch of its life, and when we perked it up with some funky art work, fresh paint, and new light fixtures, we got ourselves a "new" kitchen for around $2500 -- and that includes the new dishwasher and refrigerator. Not bad, right? I need to get her organized but I think the kitchen is soon to be post-worthy. It's no Rate My Space, but it's not bad.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Laura, how great is that driver to rescue your purse??? I'd echo your sentiments and say The Best Bus Driver in The World! Whew! I've done things like that, and I know what panic is. Thankfully, yours came to a happy ending! :-)

Love the new dishwasher. It looks great. It's amazing how much newer things look with new appliances. They can change the whole look of things in less than three seconds flat!

Good job! Have a restful rest of the weekend...


Sheila :-)

Blondie's Journal said...


What a story! It's like a slow sinking feeling when the reality sets in that you've lost...your purse, your identity, your favorite lipstick! I left a cute little Dooney & Bourke purse in a cab once after a party. Couldn't even remember the cab comapny. All I had in it was drivers license, major credit card and lipstick, ah, but forgot about my business card. Monday morning the security guard at the front desk of my building handed it over, saying the cabbie brought it in
that morning. I thought that was so sweet. Makes you realize there is some good in this world.

Congrats on the dishwasher. I personally hate emptying them.


Renovation Therapy said...

OMG. I'm so happy you got your bag back! When my wallet was stolen last year I was a basket of rusty nails for weeks on end.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

I do know how gut wrenching that feeling is. I wrote a post about leaving my purse in a shopping cart and running to pick up my son. Some kind soul turned it in where it was waiting for me. I was so happy that I wanted to cry. Funny about the dishwasher...ours was removed, and we have yet to buy a new one. Truth be told, I will be in NY at Beth Israel with my husband on Thursday..he has a little surgery to get through. After that I will think dishwasher. We seem to run in similar astral circles.
♥, Susan

Sue said...

My worst nightmare....lose the purse and everything in it...I think I would have to die...what a wonderful bus driver indeed, you are soooooo lucky that someone didn't pick it up and walk off with it...I'm sure your head still hurts!!

Courtney said...

what a great driver! It's always refreshing to find out there are still decent people in this world. And >whistle< nice dishwasher! I still just fantasize about stainless steel appliances. Not an exciting fantasy, I know, but fantasy nonetheless.

Lorrie said...

Laura how wonderful that the bus driver was able to take your purse to the lost and found and call your mom. There really are so many wonderful people in the world. What relief you must feel to have it back safe and sound.

Enjoy the new diswasher it looks super!

Joyce said...

Oh dear, you had my heart in my throat! I'm glad you were able to reunite with your purse and everything in it. I hope Mr. Laverdi receives employee of the month. He has my vote.

Maureen said...

Wow... see, there are good people out there. SO glad your purse was returned. That's just the worst feeling in the world.

I can't wait to see pictures of the ktichen. I bet it's fabulous!

heidi said...

Thank god you got that bag back.... I would have been certifiable. That new dishwasher brightens up the whole kitchen! xoh

Tina said...

How blessed you are to have gotten your purse back and I hope that bus driver gets a ton of blessings back. Congrats on the new dishwasher even a one element update can make a big difference.


Maya@Completely-Coastal said...

I'm glad your purse drama had a happy ending..., the last time I left my mine behind (in a coffee shop) was the day we moved into this house..., other places I recall... a phone booth, a bank (!) and the tourist info place in Santa Barbara, each time I froze into the state of "I can't believe this is happening". Except for the tourist place, I always got my purse back and swore that it'll never happen again...(ha).

Jersey Girl in DC said...

I'm so glad to hear that you got your purse back! This happened to my husband recently here in DC. He lost his wallet on the bus and it had his social security card in it (he didn't have a good excuse for carrying it with him though and now leaves this at home thankfully). His wallet was returned by a Good Samaritan who left multiple messages on our home phone and had even stopped by our condo building while we were at work trying to return it. He got it back the next day when they met at a spot downtown. Doesn't it feel great to know there are still good people out there?

Love your new dishwasher too :)

Anonymous said...

Oh thank goodness about the purse thing! Oh my gosh, I'd of had a heart attack. But what sweet relief to have it back!
I can't wait to see your kitchen! We are going to be able to finally finish ours in the next month or so. I'm so excited. :)
Have a great week!

Linda Lou said...

You are lucky Laura, that your purse was returned to you-I lost mine on the sidewalks of NY years ago and a gal who worked at a boutique called me up and said I have your purse!! I need a new dishwasher, yours looks great, I would love stainless, but all the appliances in my kitchen are White!!
By the way, it's been a long time since I heard the word pocketbook!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

How lucky were you Laura!?! It's always so refreshing to see an act of honesty in mankind.

I'm Catholic and we always pray to St. Anthony when we lose something and he's never failed me. My daughter dropped her wallet full of cash on Bourbon Street in New Orleans when we were on vacation together and when she realized it we were sure it was gone ..but I said my prayer anyway. Well, when she was calling all her credit cards to cancel them one of the customer reps told her they just got a call telling them that her wallet was found and was at a hotel front desk. It turns out a hotel worker was having lunch on Bourbon St and saw the wallet lying in the gutter and picked it up and knew whoever lost it was going to call and cancel their cards so she knew that was the way to let her know it was found! We tried to give a reward to the hotel worker but she wouldn't take one, so I wrote a very complimentary letter to the Hotel president and hopefully it would go into her employment file.

I like your new dishwasher! I won't tell you how old mine is ..lol!

Ms. Tee said...

Hi Laura, Oh wow - what an amazing bus driver! That's great that he went to those lengths to get it back to you- I'm so happy for you that he did that. I've gotten my purse stolen before - I can soo sympathize with you. I hope your week/job gets better soon. {hugs}

desiree@lookiloos said...

I know that feeling. Love the new dishwasher. Mine's making a funny grinding noise....please, please last another year. That's what I chant as I push the start button. Pathetic that I talk to the dishwasher...I just hopes he's (yes, the dishwasher is male only man that does dishes in my house) listening.

Leila said...

I have such a hard time walking away from kitchenwares of any kind, regardless of my level of need (little to none).


You are indeed blessed with a good bus driver!

please sir said...

Aww such a cute story. And love your new purchase!

pve design said...

Wow, did you make Edward a care package? I love hearing stories like that! New appliances also thrill me.
Get some rest to the hum of that new dishwasher and your found identity. I am still laughing over this, that perhaps Edward could be you on one of those stolen identity commercials. lol.

Kwana said...

That Edward Laverdi is a real winner! It was so great to meet you today. I so want a shorehouse now. I hope we can get together again soon. You card was so lovely. Enjoy your V-day.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Laura, I'm wishing you, Mr. Shorehouse and Shorehouse Mom a very Happy Valentine's Day!

Love you...


Sheila :-)

Rue said...

Hi Laura :)

He IS the best bus driver in the world! I didn't even need a minute to know how panicked you would have been. I'm so glad everything worked out :)

New appliances can really do wonders for a kitchen. Who needs RMS anyway? ;)


Fifi Flowers said...

You are sooooo LUCKY... he is the BEST bus driver... AMAZING!

Laura @ Shoot-Scoop said...

HURRAY for Edward! Rah Rah Rah!

Seriously. I cannot imagine. I did leave my pocketbook in the shoe isle of some department store and freaked, but cannot imagine if it was lost in a moving location!

Thank goodness.

The dishwasher looks great!