December 28, 2008

We have a winner(s)!

We have a winner of these earrings from Piedra Studios -- commenter #1, a.k.a. Maya from Completely Coastal! Congratulations, Maya. The earrings have found a good home with a fellow beach babe.

The other winners are everyone who left a comment on my 100th blog post, helping raise money for Hudson Cradle Home for Infants. From those who left a comment for the first time, to the amazing employees and friends of “the Cradle” who came by to comment, to those who came by many, many times (like Marybeth and The Quintessential Magpie :-), to those who helped drive traffic to my post (like Renovation Therapy), to my friend at Empire Coffee who tucked money in my hand Christmas Eve to give to the babies…I can not thank you enough.

There were 109 comments, which means the final winners of the day are the seven babies currently residing at Hudson Cradle. As I mentioned in my original post, the company I work for will match what I raised dollar-for-dollar. And, I got some incredibly good news from the executive director of Hudson Cradle: The William E. Simon Foundation is in the midst of a grant challenge, so they’ll match every dollar donated by me and my company. PLUS, there’s a Hudson County, NJ, based organization that read my blog post and may be able to match what I raised.

Wow. WOW. A million thank yous to everyone who helped.

In other news on the “home front” (literally), it was a year ago this week that we closed on the shore house! We took a “walk through” of our home this weekend and are pretty excited by the progress we’ve made. To mark the occasion, I got the man of the shore house a portrait of the home for Christmas. “Wait,” the observant readers among you might be saying. “Didn’t your mom give you a house portrait?” What can I say; great minds think alike. The one I had done is a smaller oil on board work that can rest on the mister’s bookshelf at work to remind him “there’s no place like home.” Plus it was pretty interesting to see two very different artists' takes on the house. Here’s the one I had done by the talented Hudson, NY, artist Gretchen Kelley. I first learned of Gretchen’s work this summer on the blog Newlywedisms and almost immediately commissioned a painting of Casa Shore House. Here’s how it came out:

And here’s the one that my mom had done. If you didn’t see my original post about this painting, click here to see some of the amazing detail in this watercolor by local artist Theresa Troise Heidel:

And here she is on the one night it snowed so far this year, all decked out for the holidays with her window candles (always wanted a house to do the candle thing with. :-)

It’s been quite a year here at the shore house, and we’re both looking forward to many, many more. Thanks for being a part of it…I’ve loved “meeting” so many people as a result of the house.

* * * * *

Finally I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that today would have been my dad’s 67th birthday. I miss him every day, some days more than others. Today is one of those days.


Renovation Therapy said...

Beautiful house, wonderful paintings and awesome deeds for the babies. I'm sure your Dad is looking down and bursting with pride. said...

Congratulations on the wonderful job you did for those Babies. This world could use a few more of you! Great post I love the images of your home...and like renovation therapy said your Dad is surely bursting with pride.

Maya said...

Wooow! Awesome. Thank you very much..., and email sent. Also, congratulations on your House anniversary!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Laura, that's a marvelous painting you gave the mister, AND of course you know I love Shorehouse Mom's painting, too! :-)

Reaching through space to give you a big ole cyber-hug.{{{HUG}}} It is hard to be without the ones we love. I got teary today talking about Mr. Magpie's dad (looking at a funny picture of him decorating an outdoor cedar tree that got HUGE) and also my parents who loved Christmas more than Santa Claus does! Mr. Magpie's mother came by for a quickie visit before going to the airport. She had spent Christmas with his sister in a city several hours away.

In addition to your dad's birthday which is a very special event, many moons ago, Mr. Magpie and I restated our wedding vows on this day in front of family and closest friends, and then proceeded to go the country club for what I lovingly call a phonebook party... one where everyone in the phonebook and their dog was invited! ;-) We had eloped (long story) and promised we would renew our vows before our loved ones, and it was the party to beat all parties afterwards. Today, I gave one of my best friend's daughters a smaller party to celebrate her upcoming wedding (I'm doing her rehearsal dinner for her, too). So this day is special for us as well. Funny how things like that work, isn't it? Another tie to you! :-)



Laura @ Shoot-Scoop said...

Not sure how I missed that 100th blog post but I am sorry that I did. What an incredible thing to do Laura, you have done your dad proud, that's for sure.

Joyce said...

BIG kudos for a wonderful job for the babies!!!!
Congrats on your home anniversary! My toast is many, many happy and golden memories in your beautiful home!
Both painting are beautiful! I love the candles in the window- if I lived close by I would be tempted to knock on your door for a cup of cocoa!!
How is your mom doing?
Birthday blessings to a very special angel. My heart is with you my dear friend! I pinky swear I will say a special prayer tonight! xoxo

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

looks like we have been in our beachy houses round about the same length of time....absolutely love your wood clad home, it is divine, and the painting is gorgeous


Blondie's Journal said...

Laura...I got choked up by your whole blog. The babies are on their way thanks to your big heart, your house is coming along and the portraits show what a beautiful place it already is. And of course, there will be times when we remember the ones we love the most that we can never hold again, except in our hearts. But we carry on (or as in your case barrel along!!! :D ).
Much love and praise,

Linda Lou said...

What a blessing you are to those babies! The blogging world has power too doesn't it? I loved seeing the paintings of your shore home, they are great! Here is to enjoying many years in your home by the sea. Happy New Year.

Thrifty Cottage Dreams said...

Wow! Awesome job with the babies! Your dad would surely be proud!
Your house is so GORGEOUS! Love the paintings! Gladyou had a wonderful Christmas! I can't wait to see what 2009 brings!

j.cro said...

Hugs to you my friend.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Laura, I'm glad you're gonna join my Before & After, Best of 2008 party next week! I think it will be a lot of fun, I can't wait to see a roundup of what everyone's been up to. I had quite a few projects myself last year & it's fun to see them all in one place.

Have a great New Years! Hey, we are still coming up to NYC one of these days. Decided to wait til it's a bit warmer, maybe March/April & will work out schedule with stepson who lives in the city & is a chef.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

The house looks awesome with the candles in the windows! My favorite by far Christmas decoration! Congrats on the fund raising for the babies! AWESOME really.

Ms. Tee said...

That's such wonderful news about the donations - just awesome. :)

And your house is lovely. I don't think I've ever seen the outside before - both paintings are great. I love the candles!

I hope you had a great Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

Lorrie said...

Hi Laura-I saw your first painting from your mom and I just love this second one too. When I lived in the Albany area years ago, I worked in Hudson for several years, so I can picture where the artist lives. The photo taken in the snow with the candles lit is just so cozy--you really must see the house of your dreams when you look at it!

Maureen said...

Those paintings are fabulous! It's so great that you each have one to enjoy.

Thanks for the lovely comments on my recent posts. I am getting ready to mail 13 pairs of pajamas this week.

Sending a special prayer to you (and for your Dad).

Katie @ said...

Oh wow. What a beautiful, beautiful project you've done for your 100th post. It's such an inspiration to me and, I'm sure, many others.
I live primarily in Berlin, Germany. (Just moved there and started blogging earlier this year) I keep thinking, "What can I do here?" It's very different than the US and I don't know German, but I am certain that I must keep searching to find that one area where I can truly help. Thank you for reminding me to keep raising my hand.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Laura; I agree with all the other comments! You are one special gal and I'm so glad your house sparked this blog!

sallie said...

Thanks again, Laura!