November 03, 2008

From Greenwich Village... the Village People.


Yup...that's me and Felipe Rose, aka "The Indian from the Village People." (Note: Doesn't my head look a bit oddly twisted? I think I was taken back by how enthusiastic he was to be in the photo. Wasn't ready for the bear hug.)

A little Hallow-history: My first date with the man of the shore house was nine years ago at the Halloween Parade in New York's Greenwich Village. Over the years, the streets have gotten more crowded, our favorite quiet pub now charges a cover, and getting with viewing distance of the parade itself -- which was never easy -- is now an Olympic-like sport. With Halloween on a Friday this year, we knew it would only be worse (or better, depending on you age and tolerance level for throngs of people). So we made it a shore house weekend and Halloweened (word?) in Asbury Park, NJ.

I started off the evening with my fake choppers and some festive elixir:


Felipe was the official host of the evening. And our Native American friend still has the moves.

felipe 2

I was happy we could actually walk through the streets (well, street. This was a quite a bit smaller scale than NYC.) and see the costumes. There were some good ones, like Mister Christmas:


And this fairly realistic corpse with exposed innards (yes; blondie's eating his innards):



Other than that, I'd have to say the night was a real drag. Har, har. Check "the ladies" out:

drag nj


bad hair day



Miss Cotton Candy won for Best Drag Costume...


Just check out the size of this tall drink of water next to mere mortals:

candy 2


I hope everyone had a festive Halloween! to the voting booths...


Jersey Girl in DC said...

That looks like so much fun! Love your choppers! We spent Friday at the Phillies parade... I still cannot believe they won! Sorry, don't mean to rub it in... well, maybe just a little :)

Anonymous said...

So much fun! I like it.

Pat said...

It looks like a fun time, Laura! Those were some great costumes.

The Village parade was crowded, but orderly, and we had a good view and the night was mild so it was enjoyable. The theme this year was "ghost" and bext year will be "pumpkin" -- of course everyone comes as whatever they want --lol!

The best was the 25 anniversary "Thriller" dance -- there were so many dancers! I found a Youtube video of it and have a link of it on my blog. That was fun to see!

Hugs, Pat

heidi said...

You look faboo! (And so does village people guy... considering!) xoh said...

Hey!!! Happy Anniversary to you two too!

Maya said...


kari and kijsa said...

Teehee- Such a 'drag'!!! What fun! About the stain and maps- it should work just fine- just test out a corner first, and apply layers of the gel stain sparingly!
kari & kijsa

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Love the are encouraging me to get there one day. Lots of spooky fun. Susan

Debbie said...

Now that looked like "Quite The Partay" and you look so fab! Loved your pics!

Sue said...

Is he really the Indian from the Village People??