September 09, 2008

Hanna, how could you?

So I leave town to work for the weekend, and come home to find out Hanna stopped by (uninvited, I may add).

Granted, we really only got hit with bucket loads of rain, so it could have been a whole, WHOLE lot worse. Unfortunately, the event I was working on was outdoors, so I got to spend some up close and personal time with that bit--, er, lady myself.

Once home, I assessed the damage and tied up the plants as best I could. I noticed the corn cobs were....missing! Most of them, in fact. Had they blown away in the storm? Had someone (gasp!) stolen them?

I looked around and found the answer.

Freakin' squirrels.

Even the ears still on the stalks look a little picked over.

In fairness, I didn't actually *see* the squirrels, so I shouldn't blame them. Could be raccoons, or opossums, but whomever did it is on my you-know-what list.

Well, at least the corn stalks looked kind of cool in front of the house. It's almost time to cut them and let them dry out to create a festive fall display for the porch. Thankfully the man doesn't read this blog or that last sentence may freak him out ("You're going to do what with the corn stalks on our porch?!").

There is one giant beauty (about 9') that was just starting to bloom Monday morning. I'll be back at the house Wednesday night to see how she's held up.

As for some of the sunflowers that couldn't be saved, I decided to make a festive bouquet to cheer myself up.

I have a lot to catch up on. While I was on blog sabbatical, hundreds of unread blog posts queued up in my Google Reader archives, and one of my favorite bloggers even announced she was expecting a new little blogger (congrats, Courtney! :-). Thank you to ALL of the amazing folks who stopped here from The Inspired Room's Fall Nesting Party. Many of you were new to me so it's been great to see your blogs, too, and to read your thoughtful comments. Mahalo.

I've picked up some super cool little bargains over the past couple of weeks (the thrifty gods have finally smiled on me!) so I'll be sure to post them over the next week.


Jen r. said...

What a bummer about your corn! I'm glad you guys weathered through okay though!

Courtney said...

well aren't you sweet, Laura!! in the midst of Hanna's carnage, that you would remember me! I tell you, it is heart-wrenching to look at your sweet garden. But I suppose it could've been much worse. Good for you for making a bouquet out of it!

Rue said...

Good morning Laura :)

I'm sorry about the corn and the sunflowers. How disappointing! That corn looked good too. No wonder the squirrels couldn't resist it. I'm glad to hear you only got rain from Hanna.

Thank you for the house sale support ;)


heidi said...

I scurried to bring flowers & veggies in b4 the storm, and it was STILL a mess. Sorry about your corn. :-(
Can't wait to see your loot!

please sir said...

Oh no - hope you are safe! At least the derby sounds fun - good luck cleaning up!

Tina said...

Sorry bout your sunflowers. Hanna was a bummer. Glad you are ok.

Liz said...

Oh man! I'm sorry, that stinks! But your bouquet is lovely.

Fifi Flowers said...

Damage could've been a lot worse... sunflowers look great in vase in your home... how HAPPY they are!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

jen...sniff..I'm at one with it. ;-)

courtney...could have been MUCH worse. I guess "making bouquets out of trampled flowers" is akin to "making lemonade out of lemons"?

rue...I totally support your house sale drama. You should look at one of mean realtor's client's houses and give *your* "honest opinion." ;-)

heidi...right?! I thought we weren't really getting any of the tail end of the storm in the northeast.

please sir...derby was a HOOT! rain and all. Clean up was a breeze...just miss my flowers. Sigh. least they stayed in one piece for my bouquet!

liz...thank you! I used my new little "flower frog" -- forgot I need to do a post on that little flea market gem.

fifi...I love fresh flowers in the house, and probably wouldn't have had the guts to cut these. So maybe Hanna did me a solid!

Laura said...

Damn rabbits. They are cute though.