July 20, 2008

I Bogo'd.

As my focus has shifted to dressing up my house, I realize that dressing up my self has taken a very distant back seat. I've barely bought so much as a tee shirt since we got the house in December, and if there was one word to describe my general appearance of late it would be: Dowdy.


Those "Buy One Get One" ads for
Payless Shoe Source finally got me thinking I should give them a whirl. I know; it's not exactly haute couture but my one and only trip to Payless a couple of years back landed me the cutest pair of summer shoes I've ever owned. And still do! My "fancy shoes" certainly haven't held up as well. Plus, I'm digging the whole canary yellow shoe thing that's been big for summer, but I'm not sure I'll still be digging it next year. And I know I'm not digging it to the tune of $100 or more for a pair of shoes. So I decided to take up Payless's offer to let me buy one, get one for half price and walked out the door with these two pairs, for $22 and change total for both:

And you know what? They're comfie as all get out.

I also found some cute dresses that I like, but unfortunately they don't come in my size. Oh, to be three-years-old again. That's right; these fabulously fashionable frocks (holy alliteration, Batman!) are for the toddler set. And the very talented designer Kathleen gives them away on her blog. You've read correctly; gives them away. If you have a little girl in your life run, do not walk, to Kathleen's blog Grosgrain Fabulous. The photos are outrageously cute, and the dresses amazing. The dress in the first photo -- my favorite, and one that I would wear in a New York minute -- is up for grabs until end of day Monday, July 21. What are you still doing here? Go, go, go!


Anonymous said...

Dresses are adorable, and I LOVE those shoes!! I know exactly what you mean-every spare cent we have goes into the house-I haven't purchased any clothing since, oh, the beginning of last summer. It's terrible. I want a full, head to toe makeover, durn it!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Honestly...I looked at myself in the mirror last week and audibly gasped. Well...at least the house looks good! :-)

Laura said...

Unbelievably cute! I have a blog post waiting on my daughter's 5th birthday (have to wait to post the pics until the thank you's go out), she would love this dress!

PS - I'm South Beach dieting the next two weeks, booyah!!

j.cro said...

I want that polka dot dress with the green sash for myself!!
Even though my friend's daughter is only 5 months old, I'm so passing this post on to her so she can get something SUPER cute for Sadie to grow into.

please sir said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your yellow shoes - they are so great!

sarah@abeachcottage said...

oh my goodness, i love those stripey shoes, JCrew had some last year for a fortune, I considered them but they were too too much for a pair of canvas shoes, and now Payless has those, hmmm I am keeping my eye out in Payless as the summer stuff comes in in Australia, we don't have the buy one get one for whatever, not that i've seen but maybe I've just not noticed

aren't they just the beachiest, yummiest, espadrilles, love em roll on summer...

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Sorry! I just got itchy trigger finger or something and my comment (on my own blog!) deleted.


laura -- south beach. ugh. :-(

j. cro. -- I wore a polka dot dress today and I just realized that I look like the toddler in the photo. I think this is good?!

please sir and sarah -- both are the most comfortable shoes EVER! And Sarah, I *totally* remember the J. Crew shoes you're talking about! These little babies were a steal. I hope they make it to your Payless