May 02, 2008

Mellow Yellow

Cottage Magpie is a fun and colorful blog that invites readers to participate in a monthly color challenge. The result is a veritable blogland scavenger hunt through homes around the world, with everyone scouring for objects to match the color palette of the month.

This month’s
color challenge is yellow, and I wanted to play along. Since we’re new to this (both the house and the blog thing, for that matter) I wasn’t sure I was up for it. We don’t have a lot of stuff of ANY color in place yet, but “the hunt” made me see there are fabulous yellow finds that make me feel all warm inside. Warm like a sunshiny day. Sun…Yellow…Wow, this post really is coming together!

A couple of my favorite yellows are found in housewarming gifts from friends. One very talented friend has taken up pottery, and when I unwrapped a box to find this inside I felt like we hit the friend jackpot. This was the very first bikini piece D. made (she since has made enough to fill a Jersey Shore beach on a Saturday morning in August) and I’ve admired it from the first time I laid eyes on it. To be gifted with it was beyond cool.

This fabulous bowl was another gift from friends. I’ve vowed to visit the store it came from in Highland Park, NJ, called Through the Moongate. Any store that’s proud to feature Fair Trade products is also a friend of mine.

Throughout our home there’s some fantastic stained glass, and the featured color is almost always yellow. Not original to the house (in fact, perhaps even older), these pieces were salvaged by the previous owners and given interesting new homes. This window is on an inside wall in our (yellow!) bathroom, softly filtering in light from the next room over.

And here’s a window in our living room:

All the rain this past month (enough already, Mother Nature!) has really helped my newly planted garden along. I took this shot this morning of some of blooming annuals.

Last week M. and I went on the Asbury Park House Tour. How wonderful to see these vintage gems rising up on the long-neglected beach blocks of Asbury Park. We are so happy to be watching the transformation of these homes before our very eyes. Here was the bouquet of sunflowers in the entry of one participant’s meticulously restored Victorian home last Sunday:

I can’t think of a better way to welcome someone into your home!


Lorrie said...

Your bikini ceramic piece is certainly unique.
Have fun decorating your home.


Laura said...

Isn't it? :-) Thanks for stopping by!

Laura B. said...

Adorable ceramic art!

WISH I knew about that Asbury Park house tour.