May 16, 2008

Art I Heart

Last week M. and I cruised through the Ocean Grove Music & Art Festival. More crappy weather (I actually ate oatmeal for breakfast today. Not because I love it, but because I was freezing!) kept the outdoor fair a bit low key, but a good number of intrepid local artisans still set up shop.

We picked up a photo by
Michael J. Colarusso. Not only is he a super nice guy, his photos are beautiful and mostly shot on the Jersey Shore. Using filtering and light exposure, the shots are really spectacular with rich color and an almost multidimensional feel. We had a tough time choosing one, but here it is:

It’s completed the little entry vignette quite nicely:

(Sorry for the dark photo…taken with flash in daytime “light.” See aforementioned crappy weather.)

Also in the scene…

-- Great little table purchased at the
Antiques Center of Red Bank. Not super old but under $100 (hard to say exactly how much…was lumped in a $400 total purchase that included a fabulous dresser you will meet at a later date) and a perfect fit for the space.

-- Glove form mom bought a couple of months ago at a
Fishs Eddy warehouse sale for $3. Still kicking self in rear for not going with her. I epoxied the form to a stained wooden block (M.’s smart idea) to make it a sturdier perch for my sunglasses and such.

-- Small sterling silver footed bowl was my great grandma’s. My mom recently gave it to me when I admired it (re: practically stuffed in my pocket) as she was reorganizing her kitchen. After a good polishing it looks better than my mom ever remembers, and is the perfect size to catch my keys.

-- The wooden glove box is the best story. Bob, the vendor who sold me the table it’s on, gave it to us as "a housewarming gift" (his words). I am not kidding. Tucked it under my arm as we headed out the door. Bob rocks.

-- The orchid is faux, and knowing how many people dislike both “orchid” and “faux” separately, they must want to spontaneously combust at the combination of the two.


diana @ please sir said...

WOW - amazing photo - what a lucky find!

Laura said...

Thank you! It reminds me that some day, it may actually stop raining on the Jersey Shore. :-)

Courtney said...

I love the photo too. But the glove box is the best. Don't you just love people like that?

Laura said...

I seriously thought I was misunderstanding him when he was giving it to me!! I mean...who does that anymore, right?!