April 19, 2008

Art I Heart

Toni Grote is an amazing Iowa-based artist I “met” on eBay. It’s difficult to describe the texture and drama that make her (reasonably priced!) landscape paintings so unique. She uses a combination of detailed brushwork and abstract technique that truly makes the scene “pop.” The pieces are varnished which gives an interesting dimension to the work; depending on how the light hits them different colors and surfaces are highlighted. Many of her scenes also contain an element of surprise – whether it’s a distant sailboat, a barn on the horizon, or a couple walking on the beach, these tiny details make the paintings beautiful conversation pieces!

Here’s the pieces I own. I love the one painted on ceiling tin (the tiles were found above the drop ceiling in the building -- "the oldest in town" -- that she owns):

Toni posts a new painting on her blog every day, so there’s always something new and exciting to check out.


Courtney said...

I love these! Beautiful finds! And do I spy a fabulous lamp?? NOW I know who you are! When you emailed I wasn't sure which blog was yours...now I know.

Laura said...

Oh yes...that is indeed one fabulous lamp you spot! Wonder where I've seen it before... :-)